May 5, 2010

WIP Weds, wk #18

A little of this and that going on around here. The May calendar block stitchery with a bird house theme for hand work--usually that means mornings before lunch or during TV viewing time in the evening. LOL, sometimes all day long if I feel like it.

The blocks are those big triple rails that are set on point in the block with a square in a square process. Yesterday I only got one HST sewn on each block so not a lot of progress being made but I'll get busy with those in a bit. (I have fabric in the washer that will need pressed after a little of dryer tumbling) I hope to have the top finished and ready for pinning at our meeting next week. LOL, another for the armoire stack.

This week I seem to be more into "fabric acquisition" than stash busting. I was talking to my mom the other day and mentioned that Norma and I are planning a sewing day next month to try a version of Terry Atkinson's Bridge Creek Blossom. I was looking at possible yardage to pick fabric from but I was convinced that nothing I had on hand served as a good jumping off point. For example, I have a nice piece of paisley but it is basically green and pinks on a tannish background. Really no place to go with it. Pretty but I couldn't envision enough variety in the blocks that would result from my stash.

Also I had decided I wanted to do a donation quilt sized top to test this pattern rather than another full/queen sized bed quilt. I would have raided Mom's stash when I took that fleeting trip through IL a month ago but we just didn't have time. She has made tons of quilts for Wrap Them in Love over the years, made a bunch for the Fellowship of Christian Farmer's Novgorod project and now, QOVs with her local quilt group. Trust me, she has a sizable stash to pull from. People know she does pro bono work and they give her more or give her their scraps. I know this from helping her organize it a bit and move the bins all around on previous trips "home". Mom took pity on me, LOL and sent me some possible choices. That jig saw piece should be perfect with lots of color to play with! Okay, this time I was busting HER stash though the go-with's will come from my brights bin. The turtles and ABC's are cute too--if not used for this project, then for something else down the line. Thanks for coming to my rescue, Mom! Nice package filler, LOL.

Yesterday was girls day out though Beverly was not feeling well and stayed back to hopefully see the MD. We took her quilt up to the long arm quilter for her. At left you will see my purchases. They all have a purpose, not purchased on speculation or "hafta to have it". The green tone on tone is for sashing on the aforementioned triple rail square in a square. The blue tone on tone, white on white and blue print (for backing) are all for my niece/godchild Allison's t-shirt quilt she has asked me to make. The white and aqua ribbon fabric is backing for my Daisy Chain top last seen HERE.

I asked Susan to put my name on her quilting list but I think the one she will be quilting is the t-shirt quilt, not the Daisy Chain. Provided I get the t-shirt quilt done in a month's time, that is the one I will take up. The shirts are already whacked up, the interfacing is purchased but I couldn't get to sewing till I got the sashing and background materials squared away.

Well the dryer is calling my name. Ugh, I hate ironing when it is as hot inside my house as out for the a/c battle starts for another season :-( Happy Cinco de Mayo!


  1. Happy Cinco de Mayo to you, too!

    Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy for a spell! Think the Bridgeport Blosssoms could be made in rwb?! what size is the lap?

  2. What fun fabrics. Thank God for mom's. I hope you post pics when you get some of those projects done.

  3. I love that puzzle fabric! There certainly is enough variety in colour there to work with! Also, great choice on the blue ribbon fabric for backing on our last project. It sounds like you are getting organized for our sewing date on the Bridge Creek Blossom quilt--excellent! I am busy getting my fabrics organized for that one too.


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