May 19, 2010

Still at it

I think this quilting has become a bit like taking a multi-vitamin lately----one a day, LOL. I took Sunday off but I have essentially had that kind of output as you will see from the stack below on the right.

I had just started #6 of 7 when DJ took this picture after lunch today. It is a 12 block Thimbleberries sampler that Linda C made. Since I basically just do stitch in the ditch, it is taking a lot of pivoting and quilt wrestling. My upper back and shoulders have had it! I quit with 4 blocks and borders to go for tomorrow's detail.

There is one more in the stack but I honestly do not feel up to the task. It is large, backed with flannel, bulky and the pattern does not excite me since I just quilted one like it but with smaller blocks. I didn't volunteer to quilt it in the first place so that might have something to do with the attitude. Whine, whine, whine. After spending the better part of 2 weeks quilting, I am SO ready to piece or finish up my embroidery block(s). I know that my pal Norma is due some comp time and has a national holiday coming up this weekend. We normally get a lot done when we have some time to work together even when we are not working on the same thing. I'll think about what project I want to tackle while I finish up #6.

SO, onto another topic. My friend Mary Frances used to be with the Master Gardener group her in the county before she and her husband re-located back to eastern Indiana. She didn't recognize my mystery shrubbery from the picture and referred me to the county extension agent. Pointed to the picture on my blog---the verdict was that it is a form of Chinese privet. Thanks for the help in answering that question!

It has been quite pleasant out the last two days with no need for a/c though I hear 90's are coming and maybe rain come Friday. We need the rain. DJ has been trying to reclaim a bit more of the yard back from the kudzu vines and is trying to grow some grass seed. Watering that spot requires two long, long lengths of hose so he would rather Mother Nature tend to that, LOL.

Walking continues 6 days out of 7 and I will be adding another quarter mile lap next week. Not much else going on but that's okay. Hope you have had a good day in whatever you chose to do. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. congrats on getting so many quilts quilted and the walking is great!

  2. I am proud of you for the walking...great job! I am increasing my mileage too. I love your daily multivitamin!

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  4. Wow, you are busy! I forgot to tell you that plant was privet, which is cloying and irritating to my allegies-it hurts my throat to smell it. I am currently a Calhoun County Master Gardener. Still have not started on t-shirt quilt-but I found the pattern I got years ago!


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