Jan 11, 2011

almost finished

I set to work on finishing up my little Winter wall hanging today. Quilter's DO buttons when they are used as embellishments, LOL. This would be finished except for the fact that I need 10-4 mm glass beads to put on the area under the cardinal to dress up the twigs like berries. I had already decided I was NOT going to try to do the embroidered "welcome" on the top and bottom borders. I thought there would be no way to mark it where I could actually see it on that black print with those gray/white lines. SO I am going to count as the 3rd finish for the year anyway.

First I had to refresh my memory as to were I had put the beads in the first place. Then I had only 7 of the perfect color but a little too big. The others I had were too small and orange. It will wait till I can see if there are any available or give up and order some.

I think that the roads will be passable tomorrow. Already I hear more traffic on the main road and even a couple cars on the lane. The newspaper carrier delivered Monday and Tuesday's edition about 30 minutes ago but no mail person yet. The snow is melting off the ground enough to see the grass in places. But the sky really looks like we could have more precipitation---that dull gray sky but no clouds that I can see that makes you think rain. We did see some flurries for about 5 minutes this morning actually.

Yesterday afternoon I had gone out to knock the snow off my car's surfaces before it got anything more crusted to it. I measured an inch of snow and a layer of icy sleety stuff on top of that but it cleared off fairly easily. Then I used the snow shovel to clear off the mess I made on the drive so hopefully it will not be icy when I finally get to drive. The neighbor was out walking the dog, husband was inside and here I am wielding the shovel. I told Robbie that we had debated about bringing it with us when we moved and actually it was MY shovel. First time I think we have had to use it since we moved in 97.

Well, guess I better find something else to work on. Binding maybe or piece one of the donation projects from my pizza box or storage unit?? I don't feel like cutting out setting squares and triangles for what I thought would be next. HMMMM guess you will see when I do a WIP post.

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  1. I love the little quilt...snowmen are my favorite


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