May 3, 2013

"It's For The Birds" blog hop coming up

While I am away at the sew-in, I know you all will be keeping busy with your own things!  DJ and Skyler will hold down the fort here.

I thought I would go ahead and post the full schedule for the next hop I am participating in.   I went from bringing up the tail end to heading out on the first day!  Good thing I didn't dawdle between projects!   "It's For the Birds" is scheduled to run from May 7th through May 15th, taking time out for the weekends as always.

Here is the full schedule along with some fun things that Mary, our cheerleader posted along with it----just to wet your appetite for all things bird related.  Mary who blogs at I piece 2 mentioned that she has been "seeing many things related to birds".  I assume she meant both inside and out----it is spring  AND she has seen a lot of patterns and projects that feature birds.  She also came up with some bird related phrases to cheer us on, LOL.

The early bird gets the worm

Fly like an eagle

Put a feather in your cap

I hope you have feathered your nest

Not everyone has been a night owl

We need to have our ducks in a row because we don't want to be sitting ducks

Nobody wants to take a swan dive, but want to sing like a canary

 Don't be a chicken about your project

I have taken all of you under my wing, so you don't wing it alone 

Birds of a feather, we have all flocked together 

Hopefully there is no cooked goose

We all have something to crow about

This is one big hen party

I know some of you have run around like  a chicken with its head cut off

It is time to strut like a rooster because everything will be just ducky

Tuesday, May 7      >>>THAT'S ME<<<<<

Wednesday, May 8
Thursday, May 9   Robin is posting on Mary's blog

Friday, May 10
Monday, May 13
Tuesday, May 14
Wednesday, May 15

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