May 18, 2013

rain, rain go away

This particular rain system started up about 8 last night or so, I think.   Wave after wave has come through and the weather alert radio went off at around 3 and 5 a.m. warning of flash floods.  I believe it! 

We live on a hill that was cut away with our lane being the old road and the new below about 6-10 feet down.  Ignore that crappy view of the neighbors back yard (SIGH) and maybe you will see the water standing in the yard and also rolling down that slight incline.

It always puddles at our driveway entrance for some reason while rolling down that slight incline.  I don't know that I can capture it but it is pouring----again!

When we got up at 0730 there was 4 inches in our gauge.  Another half inch has fallen since then and it is still coming down.  I asked DJ if this is the most we have ever had, because I sure didn't remember quite that much. 

He thought we had had 4.5 before but would have to check the notes in his little pocket calendars.   The gauge only goes to 5 inches.  Enough already!  DJ said there are rain chances tomorrow as well.  I just hope that this has improved the drought status down in the lower counties.  The farmers said they needed a dry spell up here to plant.  I have a feeling no one is going to be happy at this point. 

I had planned on quilting today but there are occasional thunder bumpers.  We'll see.  I did start a bit last night but am not fond of the way this machine (my Brother)  is quilting and will swap out for my trusty friend (the Viking) to continue. I was not feeling "as one" with the machine, at all and I don't want any mess ups.

And sew it goes----till it doesn't, LOL.  I may be doing some redwork or knitting today instead.

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  1. We have had enough rain today for sure.

    It is really important to feel as one with the machine for free motion quilting. I never did with my Babylock but with my Janome 6600, I feel like I can fly.


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