May 1, 2013

What's happening this Wednesday?

It has been a fairly quiet day of it so far anyway.   New day and a new month.  The monthly themed wall hangings were switched out along with  flipping of the calendar pages.

So what have I been up today or what do I have planned for today's creative goals?  Yesterday I made a bit of headway with my hand project for the "Say It With Flowers" blog hop and will get back to it this evening under good, good light. When you see it later in the month you will see why that was important!

I had some fabric to press as well.  Washed it yesterday but ironed it today.  For the most part I do not feel compelled to pre-wash and iron as you are just going to have to press it again when you are ready to use it.  A few things I had recently ordered just felt like it was needed. I wanted to get the sizing off it as some of it will be used in an applique project, also for the "Say It With Flowers".  I would like to NOT use fusibles any more than I have to on this particular piece and the pattern could lend itself to freezer paper and/or Templar and starch methodology.   I pulled the background fabrics yesterday but will have to make a decision about parts of it down the line.  What do you supposed I am doing with all of this??

Some of those greens near the top of the stack on the right might be for the May row of the month.  I can tell you right now, mine is going to be late.  The choice is a flower themed row and I will do it but my main priority is the hop items.  IF it is done, I can include it as a 3rd featured item but I am not being overly optimistic.  Not with the applique project especially if parts are going to be hand stitched.

I also got a note from the newsletter gal at guild regarding the sew-in.  It starts on Thursday but I normally just go on Friday and Saturday.  Jackie says     "Bring a spring fat quarter for a fun project and bring a batik fat quarter for a fun game"   We were also asked at the meeting to bring a yard of kid friendly fabric to learn how to do pillowcases.   That wasn't too hard to come up with as I was digging around in the brights bin(s) for something else and putting some other yardage away.  I am guessing that we need a contrasting fabric as well for the cuff but maybe not.  Spring fat quarter??  One I liked is a directional print and the other rather pastel---best take them both as who knows what the program committee has planned for us!  The batik?  I don't have a whole lot of them so it became a matter of which one have I not cut a hunk of?   They do a fat quarter draw each month of a certain selected color of tone on tone or batik but I have never participated in that as selection is limited---"what doesn't have a hunk cut from it" applies here too.

Part of the fun of following along with the hops is that sometimes the blogger is offering a giveaway.  You comment because that is what a cheerleader/blog hopper does but you sure don't think that you could possibly win anything by giving someone a verbal pat on the back or a smile along the way.  Imagine my surprise then that I received not one but two emails that I had won something!

The first note was from Lisa at In the Boon Docks.  I am linking to her actual post so you can see what cool hats she had been knitting up and using her pom pom maker to top them off.  She had offered a knitting themed giveaway of 2 skeins of Lion Brand Jiffy yarn and a book entitled One More Skein:  30 Quick Projects to Knit by Leigh Radford.  I may have slowed down a bit on knitting lately but I do plan to keep at it.  I did those two red hats with the pom poms recently but have another rolled brim multicolored yarn started that I pick up occasionally.

Next I heard from Pat at Life in the Scrapatch.   Pat had made a wonderful chatelaine and got in the top two on her day for her 2nd item, a pom pom pincushion.  The link takes you to the chatelaine but she links to her 2nd post there.  Pat was offering 15 charm squares left from her chatelaine.  

I don't know whether I posted about this or not---I had won two patterns in earlier hops.  Kathy at Just Quilt It  had offered a Thimbleberries pattern called "Holiday Bouquet" in the Nancy Drew Hop while Rhonda at Ravelly1 shared a "Fantasy Flowers Sweatshirt" pattern from Dancing Needleworks.  I may have mentioned it but I don't remember.   Too lazy to go back and look too.   If so, forgive me for repeating myself, LOL.

So the afternoon is scooting away.  I already took care of supper by making a pasta crab salad shortly after we had lunch.  Tomorrow morning I'll be baking some cookies to take to the sew-in probably the Oatmeal Toffee version.  DJ likes that kind the best, more than the Pride of Iowa kind.  Not that he needs them necessarily as he is still eating birthday cake and would not hear of me putting any of it in the freezer.  His cake, not mine, so I did as he asked.  LOL.  We have plans to go out for lunch tomorrow and cash in a buy one, get one coupon.  Other than that I hope to get what I need to pack up for the sew-in narrowed down.  Too often you sort of feel like you are either taking half your house with you or the secondary thought passes through the mind  "I should just stay home and work."  That is a fleeting thought though as I really look forward to some time away with my pals.  

Hope you are having a good day in whatever you chose to do-----------

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  1. Congratulations on your wins! Looks like you're keeping busy - those hops are sure keeping you hopping - haha - ;))


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