Apr 30, 2013

Final day of the "Shake Your Pom Poms" Blog Hop/checking in

First, let me thank all of you who stopped by my little spot in blogger land yesterday to see what I had crafted for the hop.  Many of you left such sweet comments that made me smile and in some cases, out right laugh!  I am surprised my husband did not come in just to see what I thought was so funny.  You see, he does not think I have much of a sense of humor but I think it is all in the delivery (read: his delivery, LOL).  When he catches me really laughing then he wants in on the joke!

You warmed my heart and I just want you to know that I appreciate it.  Won't you stop by and brighten up the last day grouping as well?   

April 30
Sew We Quilt

Skyler wants to think those of you who commented about what a good kitty helper he is.  He is tired and has to rest up now though.  At least the sun is out today and he can nap in the bedroom perch between cool off spells on the bed.

Around here I have been keeping busy but not necessarily with anything piecing, quilting, sewing, knitting.  I know my local pals would find that hard to believe since they think that is all I ever do or think I get "so much done".  Okay, I have my moments but mostly I do try to stay on track especially since I have deadlines with the blog hops to consider.

DJ's birthday was on Sunday but we had elected to go to eat for lunch on Saturday at one of his favorite restaurants.  I barely got the marketing done and it was time to chase off to Oxford.  I ended up clearing up the paperwork piles along with typing the guild minutes as well as preparing my hop post.  Mdm. Samm and her designated cheerleader want us to be sure to schedule these for 12 a.m. ET of our day---that means 11 pm central for me.
I also needed to bake his birthday cake on Saturday evening.  When I asked him what kind he had wanted, he quipped "what kind can you make?"  Well just about anything you want, or I can at least try, I said handing him my "Cake Mix Doctor" cookbook because I knew it had some great color plates in it.  He chose a two layer Caramel Cake.  Okay works for me other than having frosting fly about everywhere trying to frost the sides----the frosting hardens as it cools but in its hot state, it was puddling up.  Silly boy asked me if we could stick one big candle in it and get up at 0530, the hour of his birth, to have cake on Sunday.  He was kidding, of course, but for a minute or two he had me going!  I could have gotten two big fat 7's though just so he could blow something out but that just seems cruel to remind someone of their age.  Or I am projecting??  Maybe.  At some point some people become proud of that number because they made it that far.

Sunday I made him Brats and German Potato salad for his real birthday lunch.  He was still complimenting the meal when eating leftovers yesterday so I guess he was happy with it.   The budget wouldn't stretch this week for steaks and any other fancy dancy meal but he is a man of simple tastes anyway.  We had quite a bit of rain yesterday and wouldn't you know about the time I needed to toast the buns and flip the brats it started sprinkling? 

I have spent some time working on one of my entries for the "Say It with Flowers" blog hop--the handwork project the past few days but it is not completed yet.  I am debating whether to take this with me to the guild sew-in on Friday and Saturday.  The plan for today is to pull fabrics for the main entry and get started on some preliminary cutting.  We'll see how things look come time to pack things up for the guild event.  I do like to keep busy!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day--------

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  1. Wish DJ a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! for me. I know that it's a little late - or we could call it early for next year - ;))


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