Apr 21, 2013

check-in/ Shake Your Pom Pom Blog Hop April 24-30

In the picture below, I was looking for a "needle in a hay stack" so to speak.   Some of these are old---I don't know if you can see it but one of these packets is priced 10 cents.  Another 40 some cents.   When DJ's step-mother passed away in the mid 80's, I had received her fold out sewing cabinet and its contents.  For a while I had one of those glass lamps that you could artfully arrange flowers and what not in the base.   You guessed it mine was filled with old wooden spools, needle folders, darning eggs and the like--some of this stuff.  But not a chenille needle in the lot!   Why a chenille needle?  Apparently the eye needs to be large enough to thread many strands of floss or perle cotton but its sharp point is preferable to a blunted tapestry version but so far a 22 tapestry needle is doing the job.  Nope, can't show you----yet which has been my constant refrain here lately, I know.

Today has been a hand work day for something with a floral theme for the "Say It With Flowers" blog hop in late me.   Friday I finished what will be the other entry.   Saturday I pinned it.  Monday I'll quilt it but today, hand work.  Tuesday is the Bama Belles Spring sew-in day, really just an extended meeting but we all try to bring our machines and get some sewing done instead of pinning or hand work.  There is no shortage of kits to pull out for a pro bono project.   In the meantime I keep plugging!

The "Shake Your Pom Pom Blog Hop" is coming up Weds. April 24 through Tuesday, April 30.  I am participating this round on Monday the 29th.   This is a bit shorter with just 5 days to hop. 

Here is the entire schedule though I will post the daily hop participants as we go along---should be fun!  I know I am interested in knowing just what others found to do pom poms!

April 24
April 25
April 26
April 29
April 30

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