Apr 11, 2013

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I have made some progress on one of my entries for the upcoming "It's for the Birds" blog hop next month.  Actually the first item IS done and I was trying to get a decent picture of it last night.   The colors are not right or the light is glaring----ugh.  With flash, without??  Every available camera setting too.  Early in the day I was attempting some outdoor shots of the pom pom entries.  No, I can't show you any of this yet.  All in due time!

Today I will be moving on to another bird hop choice, mostly narrowing down the fabric choices.  I have a pile of possibles on the cutting table and need to get it winnowed down.   I sure could not cut anything with that mess piled up! 

Most of the state of Alabama is apt to be under some sort of severe weather threat today through the evening hours.  Our area in particular is targeted between 3 and 9 p.m., they say.  The schools was already planning on releasing the kids early before the storms even entered the state, announcing it yesterday.   Maybe they have to do this to give the parents a heads up but it still strikes me as a little odd.  How do you know, for sure, that it is necessary??  It is spring and anything can happen but last time straight line winds were the culprit, not tornadic activity.   Hope the electricity will stay on as there were so many affected by outages.  We'll see-------

In the meantime, since I have no other pictures to share, you can always pop on over to the April Showers mug rug participants for the day.  I woke up thinking that maybe I could do HIS and HERS mug rugs for DJ's bday later in the month--golf theme for him, sewing theme for me??  I may not do it, but considering it, LOL.  They are wearing me down on not wanting to make one!!!


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  1. Peace be still to the raging storms may the winds be as calm breezes and the rain as gentle showers to restore the water table and refresh the dry and parched areas of the land. Keep you eye on the sky searching for rainbows! :)
    Peace be still! May all fears and concern be turned to joy!


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