Apr 15, 2013

I love spring!

I am not sure if today is supposed to be a repeat of yesterday's drippy damp day or not  It is already warmer than it was all day yesterday by about 5 degrees.  I shut the furnace off (DJ insisted) and opened a window or two.  I thought I would try to get some shots of the blooming things that can be seen out back since there is some cloud cover.   Watch where you are stepping though as the fire ants have been busy since it just rained! There are about 5 started mounds around the lilac bush in particular.

There are a few of these out---daffodils, I think???  Or some sort of lily.  We do/did have some stargazer lilies planted out in that area but I thought they had the orange centers.  Someone straighten me out!

We have three azaleas, this being one that was here when we moved in though in a large pot at that time.  The white one is an encore and has never done well and the other appears to be lagging behind.  I think I saw some spots of color but didn't linger to look, LOL.  I don't "do" outside much especially when the laundry timer was about to go off.  Behind this is a gardenia bush but it is way too early for that to be out---June maybe.

 Same bush, different angle 

The lilac bush from two different angles.  They are not indigenous to Alabama but DJ has been babying it along for years.  I know he is always thrilled when he sees the blooms come out and reward him.  You see that the Rose of Sharon bush right behind it is trying to leaf out.

We lost a bit of the bush in the center so it looks a bit leggy in spots but all in all, doing well.  

Okay, back to the laundry detail.  Skyler made himself right on home atop the whites so good luck folding undies!

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  1. Love your spring blooms too! So glad that spring is finally here. I know I will be sorry soon as it will be too hot, but still better than dreary winter.


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