Apr 3, 2013

just about to get it!

I would probably be done with my rabbit row except it was time for "Justified" season finale and my hands were squawking at me.  I left off last night with two hearts to button applique and also two beady eyes and two pom pom tails to stitch down.

I slept in but only because I had one of those nights where I was awake from 3 a.m. till after 6 a.m when I got up to feed Skyler.  Then after 10 I was busy in the kitchen----making this--------

I wanted to try an Apricot Cheese Bread recipe that Norma had sent me.  Recently I had asked her to send me her TNT Banana Bread recipe so she had just scanned the page from the group cookbook.  LOL, the ingredients were listed but only about an inch of the actual directions.  I fumbled through the best I could, just guessing about the process and how long to bake in what degree oven.   It also called for dates in there somewhere but I used nuts, pecans because I am out of walnuts right now.   I'll ask her to confirm those hunches.  It tastes good and appears to be properly baked though it made a thick batter making me wonder if the water to soak the dried apricots was supposed to be included.  I want to individually quick freeze the slices for coffee break time with the hubbers.  It is not a daily thing, by any means, as I don't want to have to keep us in baked goods when he is just as happy with a slice of toast at 10 a.m.

As soon as the bread was in the oven then I started on the soup for lunch---Easy Mulligatawny Soup.  I've posted the recipe before HERE.  (It looks like I need to go back and see what happened to those images or at least see how invasive the image loss is!)

This was what I was up against yesterday trying to stitch----Skyler thinks that pom poms are cat toys!  Actually around here they are.  By trial and error, white ones and he likes the 1 inch ones, not the giant ones.  It is one of the few things he will play with on his own but he likes it better if you play with him.

Try the paw first---he is declawed in front so that's no good!

Let's try biting it off there!  

Oops--rabbit is getting away from him!

Then I was afraid he was going to go after that dangling string.   I made him get down and distracted him by chasing him up and down the halls.   He will try to eat string if you don't watch him.

So finish those bunnies--10 days ahead of the due date---and then get back to my "Shake Your Pom Pom" shop entry---due the later two weeks of the month.   Actually I could include my finished rabbit row in that! And sew it goes----------

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