Apr 2, 2013

Still seeing rabbits

DJ was a little disappointed that I put the Easter decorations up even though the rabbit figure I had put atop the entertainment center was sort of,  kind of blocking his view of the living room clock.  He moved it to the other side directly in front of him.  "I thought you would leave that stuff out for another week or two " he said.  I had considered it, LOL.

1 done and 6 to go on the embellishment stitching.  Nope, I didn't get much more done than fusing the hearts to the bunnies.

The pattern shape is from Tonee White's 1994 book  Appliquilt:  Whimsical One-Step Applique and Quilting published by That Patchwork Place.  I have used it before on the Easter wall hanging in the book and love that little thing.  Actually between Ms. White and Country Threads and later Red Wagon Quilts--- I think that is where I started having some love for folk arty stuff.  I am still a traditional pieced quilter and always will be but this stuff is just fun!   Part of the reason I am drawn to Nancy Halvorsen and Joined at the Hip too.

When I followed the book, I was never happy with how things looked when I sewed and flipped the sectioning of the quilt to the batting/backing base. Too wrinkly but these days I would probably use some 505 temporary spray baste and get things smoothed out better, if I did not go with a more traditional  "make the top, baste the top and then quilt".  The idea is that the motif and the stitching you do not only adds the applique shape but quilts it through all layers.  Knots are often left on top and tied off.  I didn't on the first rabbit but I could have!  I still might!

It had a tail but I wanted to use a pom pom even if the color is slightly different than the warm and natural batting I used for the bunnies.  I am getting to try the Prescenia Finca #12 perle cotton on the button hole stitch around the hearts.  Loving it so far----I did get one small knot but it was my fault for not stopping to unwind it a bit.  Fine thread with a lovely sheen to it, don't you think?   #5 DMC perle cotton on the running stitch.  I can't match the color but I like the slightly darker shade anyway.

The "Seasons in a Row" pattern has a pieced row that I would no doubt foundation piece.  I own the pattern so I can draw it up in EQ and piece it by whatever method I wish at that point.  I did that with the snowmen and the hearts, after all as I am not messing with teeny flippy corners.  The photo jacket does not do it justice as you don't see the dimensional ears or the pom pom, yo yo deal that could happen instead of a pieced in square.  All I see when I look at it is a pear in odd colors, LOL.  That is why I am substituting the applique and having fun doing some hand work.

The rows are 60 inches across (approximately) and I have been leaving a bit extra on either end "just in case"  Subsequent rows have far more piecing and each seam can suck up a bit more fabric particular if you switch out machines as often as I do.

So 6 more rabbits to stitch around.  I think I could be done with this by day's end particularly since I don't have laundry, haircuts, people stopping by, Easter stuff to put away and only one quick errand to run.  And sew it goes---------


  1. Cute rabbit! I love the running stitch!

  2. Well those little guys are down right CUTE!! What a great idea to do them with Warm and Natural batting! And I LOVE the pom-pom tail - ;))


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