Apr 23, 2013

Spring Sew-in

The Belles had a planned sew-in date today, really an extended meeting day.  We try to do pro bono sewing on this date and sometimes we all work on the same block to make some group quilts.  We are trying to work through a collection of scraps and cut strips so I didn't pick a pattern.

We are also trying to help one of our members get some tops and/or blocks together for a Mexico mission.  We don't have to quilt them, just provide the top so panels and whole cloth quilts will be fine as there will be some people who will help tie them.  This cross stitch apparently panel was one that Bev found on ebay I think she said.

Bev made this cute top with embroidered blocks alternating with the prints.

And she also made this cute pinwheel top.

She was also working on quilting a recently pinned top and had an applique project that is going to be adorable---birds and flowers, making it up as she goes.  Unfortunately I did not get pictures of those in progress.

Beverly was donating this sweet Snuggle Up---always a popular choice for a pro bono quilt.   Easy to quilt too---zoom lines!

This was top that Linda C sent via Lois along with some books and patterns for the group library and some other goodies.

This one is a Atkinson Designs Pattern called "Butterfly Flip" that Lois was donating

While this one is also an Atkinson Designs that Lois also made---Bridgecreek Blossom.  Good for a jelly roll which is what Lois was using to make another top today.  One will go to the Mexico project and the other to Wrap Them in Love.

I am showing you some commissioned pillows and a yo yo bed runner that Teresa has made in this shot.  Half the runner is not in the picture however but you will get the idea!  She has been a busy, busy girl.

Teresa also made these crazy quilt pillows for the same client and before that a large bed sized crazy quilt.

Okay, here is what I spent part of the day doing-----we had been given the sports themed fleece earlier this year by a gal that visited with us.  Not wanting this to go to waste, I had gotten a complimentary red piece for the back.  I printed off directions from Project Linus to make a no sew fleece throw.  It did not have directions for doing it two layer as I had done years and years ago for a throw for DJ but I thought I remembered cutting the other layer smaller.  Janet had not brought a project to sew so she was kind enough to help me knot it.  Should be quite cozy for a sports minded youngster.

My other sewing project was starting these EZ bowties.  I did not get too far with it but there is always the next meeting or the Friendship Quilters' sew in on May 3rd and 4th.  Rosa was working on sashing some blocks a family member had found at an antique store or flea market.  She got packed up before I got a picture of them though.

Teresa was working on some string blocks.  LOL that black tone on tone fabric was misplaced for a time but she is going to use them as the blocks center.  Very dramatic!

Jane was working on some string blocks as well.

Lois' blocks are all upside down but I already told you it was a Bridgecreek Blossom.  Meanwhile Beverly decided on  Pineapple Blossom blocks in blues on the little featherweight.

Aline had some cut squares and asked me about the pattern for this. She remembered doing this blocks when she had first joined us.  That was a year where we made a ton of Patience Corner blocks!!  It took a little digging through the notebooks but I finally the printouts we had used so she could keep the sectioning straight.  The directional print was making it a bit more challenging than usual.   I think it is going to be a striking quilt though!

We had an excellent lunch, good fellowship with like minded friends.  And sew it goes-----------


  1. WOW - you guys are a productive little bunch, aren't you? Great stuff you have there!! - ;))

  2. And the potluck was out of this world........ burp. lol !

  3. And the potluck was amazingly good......... burp


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