A finish

Two finishes for the week but only one I can share----

So, am I way late for Halloween or way early??  I think I'll pick the latter, LOL.

Pattern source:  Joined at the Hip  BU #19

 Closeup shot of the bats and spider, lettering----color is off though.

 I told Norma that the cat's eye buttons looked a bit Oriental as they would not stay oriented the way I wanted them to be.  It might have just been the angle I was looking at them..  The color is still a bit off but the other direction as in not quite THAT golden!!  The candy corn yellow fabrics are not that blend-y with the background in real life.  I should have taken it over to my neighbors and borrowed their fence as I did earlier today with one of my blog hop entries!!  She said "come over any time" but I didn't think she meant in the same day and once the sun had set, LOL.

Still hooray for a finish-------


  1. Definitely, hooray for a finish! I love the green eyes on the bats! And I think you are early for next year - not laste. :) I love this one.

  2. I see what you mean about the cat eyes--perhaps they have some siamese in them. :)

  3. That is an adorable quilt. Love it!! Especially the eyes. heehee

  4. Hi Linda. I love that quilt. October will be here before you know it...lol
    love ya'

  5. Hi Linda,
    Love your quilt, especially the cats, (big surprise).
    October will be here before you know it..lol

  6. Hooray for a finish!! Definitely early for this year - and definitely CUTE!! - ;))

  7. stopping by to catch up! so a finish on your row by row Halloween quilt?!! very nice indeed..love how it turned out.
    by the way..loved all your pom pom creations! including this comment here rather than on the 60 of that post LOL..looking forward to chatting with you Saturday am...if you are around

  8. hip hip hooray for a wonderful finish on your row by row Halloween quilt! love how it turned out...also loved all your pom pom creations..way to rock that blog hop my friend!


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