Apr 16, 2013

Paint Chip Challenge/Day 7 April Showers Hop

When I was telling you about the Friendship Quilters guild meeting this past Saturday, I spoke about the Michael Miller Challenge that was revealed by those of us who participated  using salespeople samples that were belatedly sent for last fall's retreat.  What fun those were and I hope to borrow a few of Beth's pictures to post here so you can see them. 

What I forgot to tell you is that we will be doing another paint chip challenge.  I really enjoyed doing this last year.  (I had greens and was able to use the shades in a watermelon Button Up.)  Shelia had quite a stack of paint color strips arranged in her hands upside down and fan folded.  I pulled Valspar 234A grouping but I found these images from a site called My Perfect Color through a google search, a match to the funky names assigned by Valspar they say.  I can't say for sure once it hits the monitor but I will be going to Lowe's to get a few extra paint chips this color to have one with me at all times.  Mom already told me that her orange-y tones were lacking, LOL.

Orange Blossom 234A-1

Peach Frost  234A-2

Rich Honey 234A-3

Fresh Melon  234A-4

Desert Mirage  234A-5

Tiger Lily  234A-6

Kind of a Southwest or Fall vibe to me and I am reasonably sure what I will be making with the 2 of the 6 colors I am to include in my piece.  Shelia said it does not have to match exactly, you know how they are constantly tweaking color from year to year and that means fabric shades change too.  Try to come as close as you can, she said.  Should be fun!

Okay here is the list for Day 7 of the April Shower's Blog Hop---what a talented group of people this round has brought!  Today will be no different, I'm sure.  I was just looking at the possible pattern choice several days before Shelia threw down the gauntlet, so to speak so I sure it will work, if I can find the fabrics in my stash or through a later shop visit. 

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