Apr 18, 2013

Checking in/ April Showers Blog Hop Finale!

I am scheduling this to post as I am determined to get some sewing done today (Wednesday) and not goof around half the day thinking about sewing!  That was how my Monday went--wasting time!

All the pieced elements of my top secret project are completed but not joined into the wall hanging that it will be when finished.  There is some machine applique to do first and for once, I thought I would do it in smaller bites this time and then assemble.

I am also sewing in the morning which I seldom do.  Mornings are for the computer, afternoons and evenings for sewing.  However, Tuesday afternoon it hit the mid 80's outside and so did my sewing room!  UGH!  It was not helped by the fact some fusing and standing over an iron was still required.  I am so NOT ready for summer like heat and stickiness but when the overnight low was 62 and the desk thermometer read 80 at 5:30 in the morning you know that Wednesday is headed the same way.   We have not had blackberry winter yet, that I know of anyway, so surely there is a bit of a cooler snap coming!!  I told DJ as soon as I get the heavier quilt off the bed and my summer clothes pulled out for circulation it WILL cool off.   Think I should go make that a sure thing??

I had a rocky up and down night---maybe because it was so warm?-- so I may need a little lay down to make up for it.  Between the fan noise, Skyler tromping on the bed to get in the window and a particularly loud cricket, not a good night.   Of course, he will sleep the day away in DJ's recliner or one of his perches to make up for HIS restless night.

Another reason I could not get back to sleep is I had the "Say It with Flowers" Blog Hop that I have signed up for in mind. Did I have enough of a certain style of fabric on hand to make my plan happen?  Because I bailed out of bed early, I was digging in my stash looking coming up with 3 or 4 possible inclusions but then I looked for some bridger pieces online too.  While I was digging, I also found some fabrics that will work in my paint chip challenge for guild.  Of course that makes more fabric stacks piled up in the sewing room.  In the end I did need to order a few pieces for both projects--a few fats and half yards.  I needed the very lightest shade on the paint chip for one of the design elements, I thought and needed to run it down via Moda Marble fabric swatch card comparison.  Nope, can't tell you what in either case, LOL.  Well, I could on the guild challenge but won't till the order arrives.  It is doubtful that anyone will duplicate my idea!

SO since these blog hops are such a help in stimulating the creative juices, I hope you will visit the featured fiber artists today.

Thursday April 18
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