Apr 5, 2013

break time/April Shower's Blog Hop 8-18th

Break from what I don't really know as I haven't done much today but look at stuff online! Wowie, just search Pinterest for "pom pom" and you will be on searching overload. 

This picture from bitchknits etsy store has got to be the oddest thing in the search!  She has three pages of such cats' hats and costumes!  There is even one that even looks like a mohawk.  Some may be done up in team colors, I'm guessing.  I know exactly what Skyler would do with those things hanging down, chew the living daylights out of it.  He loves strings, cords, bathrobe sashes, elastic.

I am sensing a red theme here.  I am wearing a red sweater and here is red yarn, a red cup of iced tea, red rick rack.  I was not sure what size I need for my bird hop item so I picked some up at the store yesterday.  The baby stuff was in my on-wall storage drawers and if I remember correctly, Maggie passed that on to me.  No, I cannot show you what I am working on or have planned---hop stuff.

After going on inspiration overload this morning, I put my fingers to better use and started on a knitting project. Yeah knitting project that needs a pom pom atop it.  The weird thing to me is that when you knit in the round, you knit every row to obtain stockinette stitch.  To do garter stitch you have to do knit a row, purl a row to get that ridged look---like an inside out sock or the backside of a sweater. On straight needles and flat knitting, it is just the opposite. 

The other part of the morning's search was trying to figure out what to make for supper----the age old thing of "what do you do with a lb. of ground beef?"  Tons of things really but I do NOT want to make another run to the store when I am probably getting groceries tomorrow.  It seems that anything I come up with I am missing an ingredient or we just had something similar last week.  Or for example,  it calls for corn tortillas and I have flour ones.  Mexican is out.  Or we already had a pasta meal---there goes Italian.  Ditto something with rice.  Had a form of soup too or we would go THAT route.   I have a feeling it is going to end up be something like "diner dinner":  meatloaf, mashed potatoes and a vegetable though I have been known to change my mind in the short time it takes to get out to the kitchen.   Enough to make you throw up your hands and fix something else entirely----like breakfast for supper, LOL.  Maybe I'll do the "what would you rather have?" game with the husband presenting him with two options and leave it up to him.   That may work.

The April Showers Blog Hop will be coming up next week----April 8th through the 18th.  I think the badge button on Sew We Quilt says the 16th still but they must have added a few more days to accomodate the sign ups.  I am not participating in the hop this round but do plan to follow along.  Perhaps you will as a well?  Here is the schedule.

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Wednesday, April 17
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