Apr 26, 2013

Check in---- Day 3 Shake Your Pom Poms

Well, I am definitely going to STILL be binding today as I goofed around too long yesterday!  A needle was not touched to fabric on the first of two wall hangings till 4 p.m. and at our house, too close to time to start fixing supper.

Still, I had a good time looking at kanzashi flower videos and of course, looking on pinterest as well.  I found a good tutorial at Bitty Bits and Pieces.  Another good one was Fabric Flowers.  It is my understanding that starting off with different shapes greatly changes the appearance of the petals.  Oh and I lost a link I had marked for inspirational purposes from the mug rug hop too---tracked that down.

Why the interest in flowers?   One of the gals yesterday had used a kanzashi flower with a pom pom center to make a cute headband.  Bev, one of my Belle friends has a set of the Clover flower makers and she is known for her quilt embellishments.  Wait till you see the picture of her current project when it is photo ready and you'll see what I mean---what fun!   Also, the blog hop at the end of May is floral themed so it will be the next projects I undertake.  I know what I want to do for part of it at least.   (One project I got a good, good start this past weekend, a hand project.)

I was also looking at pin cushions as I have a sorta project in mind----not hop related but an idea I am toying with.

In the end I got the hanging tabs made for the Halloween button up made.  I could have sworn I at least had cut that strip out when I cut and seamed the binding several months back.   Since I could not locate it, that led to a treasure hunt for the fabric. It was located in the 3rd spot I looked. 

I guess some days are like this---research more than the actual execution??   Maybe that sounds better than I goofed off a big chunk of the day.

Join me in looking at some more pom pom eye candy?  I promise to get at the binding in earnest!!  We take the weekend off and then I will be sharing my stuff with you on Monday!

April 26
Jane's Quilting

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  1. Goodness girl, you certainly do keep busy don't you? lol Thanks for the links to the Fabric Flowers. Another idea to put on my 'someday' list.


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