Apr 4, 2013

check in

It is impossible to get a decent picture of these rows at least in my home.  The design wall is just a spot  in the corner of the room about 38 inches next to the window so that's out.  The rows measure about 60 some inches.  The bed or floor? Still a odd angle even if I stand on the little step stool.  The key thing is that it is done!

I still had time to play last night so I got back to my pom pom project that had been derailed waiting for more of the size/color pom poms I need to complete the project.  I will admit to filching some from Skyler's cache of "cat toys" but they are MINE now.  That is done now and I have the hot glue burns on my fingers to prove it.  I cannot, of course, show you my creation till later in the month.  ( I don't know my assigned day at this point.)

I still have a couple of other smaller things that I want to do for that hop.  One involves an opportunity to try out the Clover Pom Pom makers.   I was able to find a couple of these here locally at Hobby Lobby.  When I was looking for a link to share, I see that they have a you tube video that I will need to view a few times just to make the directions with the pom pom maker a little clearer.

Then we have mail call today.  Thearica over at Pigtales and Quilts who will be leading the "Shake Your Pom Poms" blog hop later this month has a side business and I had hoped to order the medium sized pom pom from her at Crazy Quilting Supplies.  Actually we had a bit of a little snafu,  not on her part though.  I did not realize that the medium came packed with the large and I already had one and had placed the order.  What to do?   She called and we had a fun conversation since she is originally from Alabama, the northwest area, and comes back this way to visit family.  I decided to just sub out the costs of the cancelled pom pom maker with the Karen Kay Buckley Perfect Circles though I will probably have to order the smaller ones too.  These puppies are nice! Nice smooth edges and not flimsy with two each in sizes from 2 1/4 to 4 1/2 inches.

The pattern and scissors were added to the mailing because I was Thearica's 600th blog follower during the "Stitch Me Up" blog hop!   Who knew?  Thanks so much!  Fun applique and pieced pattern and who cannot use an extra pair of embroidery scissors?

Then this order came too---I have not worked with wool before but this might be something I will be doing for "It's for the Birds" blog hop coming up in early May.  I have something else in mind as well and have some fabric possibles pulled for it already.  It is just the execution of said plans.   On my store run today I  got a good supply of Pellon Wonder Under (my preferred fusible choice) in so I am ready for any applique elements headed my way.  Nope, can't tell you what just yet, LOL.

And sew it goes-------


  1. Sounds like you have had a busy day!

  2. It sounds like you have some exciting and different projects planned--pom pom maker, circle maker, and wool! I am enjoying my little wool applique project--it is nice not to have to worry about turning under the edges! I am sure once you start working with that wool there will be many more wool applique projects in your future!

  3. all sounds very interesting and fun!
    your bunnies came out so cute! well done my friend

  4. Great progress in all areas, Linda. Keep up the awesome work!

  5. ohhh I love your bunnies..try moving them outside for a shot....they are looking goooooood


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