Apr 9, 2013

meeting day

Spring has definitely sprung though the temps will hit the low 80's today.  There are storms on the way in tomorrow so I suspect that the higher temps will be colliding with a cooler system and cause the possible bad weather.  The dogwood is out, some azaleas could be seen on my drive to the meeting place along with some irises.

This particular dogwood is right outside the church's Fellowship Hall and I could not resist getting a picture of it before I unloaded the car.

The pollen is horrendous right now though.  I swear that I did not see any of that fine yellow dust on Sunday but my car was covered on Monday.  One of the girls said she could actually see clouds of it blowing as she was driving the past few days.  I believe it!

There is a section of the paper where they print the weather/coffee break info that has a weather map, almanac etc. They also list the pollen forecast--available data from http://www.pollen..com.  Apparently oak, juniper and birch are the worst culprits--- and HIGH levels!!!  Snarky---no kidding??

We were missing about half the group today for a variety of reasons but still a little beehive activity.  We'll be having our spring sew-in date when we meet two weeks from now and we try to avoid pinning then and concentrate on sewing so the pinning table was really hopping, thanks to Lois and Bev!

This Bridgecreek Blossom (Atkinson Designs pattern) was one that Lois whipped up for Marilyn's Mexico project---we don't have to worry about pinning it as that is her group's responsibility. Tops and blocks, we make.  Lois said she used a jelly roll for this but they were cut wider than they should have been by an 1/8th inch.

This is a cutie top that Beverly was working on at the last meeting.  Today she was working on a Snuggle Up top.  Always a good pro bono choice top.  It is similar to one that Bev had made recently but a bit wider.

This is one of Lois' scrappy tops and the pattern is from GE Quilt Designs called Strip Stacks.

When I asked Lois to hold this one up for a picture she said, "why don't you wait till it is finished?"   I said "blog fodder".  I don't have anything of my own done that I can share as it is all stuff for the blog hops!  LOL.

This is the Block of the Month they are/were(?) doing at the JOY group.  I know that this is one that was an older online freebie from Block Central called Sentimental Journey.  Lois said she was not loving it and 6 of the 12 blocks were enough--donation quilt.

Isn't this one cute?  Valera foundation pieced the kites and the quilt will be going to a grandchild.  Apparently another is in the works.

Valera was helping Bridge learn how to foundation piece by working on some flower blocks.  We couldn't decide if it was a tulip or what--some sort of stylized flower from Carol Doak.  Bridget had one block done and another started just to be sure she remembered her lesson once she got home.

Donna was working on her blue and white Chevron quilt while I did a bit of pom pom making, embroidery but mostly looked through a pile of old Fons and Porter magazines for some inspiration.   I found a cute flip flop pattern that Bev might try---heck I would even try it---among other things.

This is a whole cloth piece that Bev quilted up.  It has a nice blue shirting type stripe on the back for a fun quilt.

I am sorry that I didn't get pictures of the other two she pinned.  One was a fish panel that she dressed up on the borders.  The other one was more girlie and we were able to use some donation fabric for the backing.

I had some stuff I could have cut out but didn't (top secret) so will get started on it now that I am home and add it to tomorrow's creative plans.

And sew it goes------------


  1. Lovely quilts.

    We saw clouds of pollen yesterday as we were on a work trip to some of the other counties we cover. In places it looked like yellow fog.

  2. The quilts look great! Glad you all had a good time.


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