Apr 13, 2013

meeting day

Today was the Friendship Quilters guild meeting day AKA Girlfriend Day.   A lot going on around the room with a raffle table, log cabin blocks to pass on to our Quilt Show Chairperson,  Row of the Months and Show and Tell items to be hung on the quilt rack system around the room.  Today was also the reveal day for our Michael Miller fabric sample challenge.  The sew-in is coming up the first weekend in May.  Dixye our president keeps us moving so we could get to the program-----extended show and tell with the challenge pieces.  My favorite part!  I know the historian was busier than usual snapping pictures!

I know I showed you my 3 items back in a PRIOR POST though they were not quite done at that time.  A couple of the gals wanted to know how to make those thread catcher jars so I said I would email them the links.   Not that I am expert or anything.  I think some of the Belles might want to try it too.

I didn't win a door prize or anything from the raffle table but I feel like I "won" anyway!  The monies raised from there are used to purchase the food for the 3 day sew-in's so we always say "the more you spend, the better we eat!"  What I was referring to are these patterns below-------Susan Garman's Bunny Block Sampler----with the fabric included for the applique elements!!

My friend Shelia asked if I like to applique---and I do though years ago I was one who considered applique the "A" word.  I said I like to do fusible or freezer prep.  She handed the packet to me and said she had found them at a thrift store (or yard sale??) but January was missing.  Another gal who was talking to us said she had done this very quilt and she could let me use her January one to make the quilt.  THX Judy!  She is going to bring her quilt to the next meeting so I can see how it looks made up too.

Here is a look at the fabric included in the packets---themed and of course a good bit of it is folded up but you can still see that these are bright and fun!

I did a little googling and these are offered at Quakertown Quilts but the best picture I found was on a blog called Quilt Inspiration,  a bunny themed post  http://quiltinspiration.blogspot.com/2013/03/a-bevy-of-bunny-quilts-for-easter.html   The maker was going for a Paris vibe so the fabrics are not the same.

The quilt pictured is Bunnies on the Champs-Elysees by Jan Soules
This adorable quilt by Jan Soules, which was exhibited at the 2012 River City Quilters' Guild show, features a bunny dressed for every month of the year.  The pattern is the Bunny Block Sampler by Sue Garman at Quakertown Quilts. Jan Soules cleverly used a Paris map fabric as the background, hence: "Bunnies on the Champs-Elysees."  The machine quilting was done by Debbie Lopez.

Then she shows some of the monthly blocks done up----adorable!   Apparently the patterns are still available but I don't know if they just sell a single one.  If Shelia sees this she may want the stuff back, LOL!!
No, I don't really think so or she would not have given it to me.  THX Shelia!

Since I last posted, I have been doing a good bit of cutting---a wool project is ready to go hopefully as a entry in the "Say It With Flowers" blog hop late next month.  Yesterday I was prepping applique elements of an entry I would like to do for the "It's for the Birds" blog hop early next month.  That one has some pieced elements as well.  I feel like I have been hand cutting for two straight days, LOL.  I may drag out the Viking and work on the button hole finishing but I have a feeling it will wait till tomorrow instead.   Last weekend I had drawn up the pieced elements in EQ to foundation piece them so it is a toss up which I will do first, LOL.

I may just do a little embroidery and call it "good" for today.  OR type up the show and tell list so Beth can post the pictures for the guild albums with the labeling I provide as the secretary.

Either way---I hope you have had great day.  It was a lovely day here for a drive.  The trees are really leafing out the past two or three days so everything looks so green!    On the day of the expected storms fortunately we did not have any wind to speak of, I only heard of couple of trees down though an area in the western Alabama was not so fortunate.  We had about 2.5 inches of rain but no flooding or hail.

Time to think about supper---leftover turkey meal though I think DJ did full meal deal for lunch instead of just a turkey sandwich, LOL.  Jane, Aline and I stopped at Chick-Fil-A in Pell City before we came home and ran into about 8 of the gals from guild.  I can eat chicken and turkey in the same day, easy!

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