Dec 7, 2014

Critters and me

Poor babies!  This was the view yesterday afternoon.  Oscar was banished to the kitchen after he marked the loveseat one too manyn times and I had to bring in the big guns.  Skyler was just being the over-sight committee, I guess or trying to stay out of the way of the vaccum cleaner and the damp carpet.  I don't think Oscar would be in near as much trouble if I had not taken him or several walks already and he should have done his business outside.

I had accidentally bought cans of Resolve high traffic pet cleaner when I meant to get the spot cleaning stuff the other day.
( No readers on, it happens when you can't read the small print) I was glad that I had the product on hand to at least try to get the staining and smell out.  You have to vacuum first and then spray 3 foot square sections and scrub with a damp mop. Then let it dry and vacuum it again.   I moved the loveseat to the middle of the room and cleaned most of living room and all the hallway.  (That is where Skyler does pukers and why I need spot cleaner.)  I think it is better and I don't see any stains.  I had been considering calling in a professional carpet cleaner and getting a quote for doing the job but this was a cheap alternative.   The kitchen was also given a much needed sweep and mop while I was at it.

I've forgiven Oscar, of course.  Who can resist that imploring look I was getting?  Strangely, he has done much better today about letting me know he  needs to go out and we have walked about every two hours or so.  He and Skyler both have been rolling in one particular spot on the floor I suppose to mark it with their own scent but NO leg lifting was observed.

I had intended to get started on the zip zip bags today since I realized that I did not need to have the webbing or the handles till the very last step.  You know, something fun after all that strenous housework?  BUT I got side tracked.

A few days ago I had removed the foam pad I was trying on my bed.  It might have helped my back but the
pad had lumps and bumps that would not flatten out even after a month's time nor did it fully cover the mattress so parts of you felt like they were falling off the bed.  Not only that but I felt it was making me hot and itchy.  I have enough trouble sleeping without feeling like my legs are on fire! The pad was UNDER my mattress pad so would think it would be okay with the synthetics?  I'm now using a pillow top type deal and so far so good though it is not quite as firm.  The bothersome one was laying on the other bedroom floor but couldn't stay there.

I decided today that I would cut up the pad or at least the sections that were unrippled so I could replace the thin little pad in Oscar's crate.  I used multi-purpose spray adhesive to adhere two layers together.  I picked up some decorator weight yardage to make a pillow cover and another small fleece throw ($2.88) and a couple of 22 inch zippers to do the job.  The camo is just like the one he uses in his bed and he loves it.  Often he crawls up under and gets himself so wrapped up you wouldn't even know he was in there!

I did the cutting earlier when he was outside but didn't start sewing till I got him down for the night.  I used the sewing machine to put in the zippers but the serger to sew the other three sides on both the cover and the fleece cover.  I had to laugh when I turned around to grab the pinned after re-threading the serger needles.  Skyler had parked himself on it, pins and all.  I displaced him but laid out what was left of the fleece to sit on in the meantime.  He wasted no time in making himself at home on the new pad.  Think I'll be able to put it in place tomorrow and Skyler will crawl in the crate once Oscar is not around??

That is about the only creative thing I have done in days.  The days have gone quickly since I last posted but I am not exactly sure just how.  Living life, I guess.

Oscar is awake and whining.  Best go see what's the matter.

ED:  He needed out and told me.  Good boy!  I put his new pad in the bed and the skimpy one with the sheepskin cover I made earlier this year will be laundered and set aside for backup.


  1. Linda, I have discovered that using clear rubbing alcohol on the carpet stain as soon as possible after the "accident" and rubbing/ blotting with a white hand towel works better than most commercial products. The alcohol evaporates quickly also.

  2. They are certainly entertaining and keep you busy! Love the camo fleece, and apparently Oscar does too. I think you need to make Skyler one too.

  3. Poor babies! Those two certainly keep you busy - I get tired just reading your post! And I have just added "Play with my Serger - and learn how to thread it" to my list of UFOs/Projects/Squirrels. You would think that I would have done that by now - but for some reason the mere thought of having to re-thread it intimidates the heck out of me. Any suggestions? - ;))

  4. Maybe Oscar knows that Santa is watching!


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