Dec 3, 2014

Ashville show pics

In mid November several of the quilting pals and I went over to Ashville Quilt shop so the girls could register for the 2015 Block of the Month. We also were there to view the tops the two groups of this year's participants had finished up. They had spread them out over the tables in the Fellowship Hall near the shop. That doesn't necessarily make for decent pictures since the foreground is huge, the angles all off. Still, it was fun to see the tops in person and get away for a "Girlfriend Day". I even ran into a friend that lives on the GA side of the state line at the shop! I don't know if Debora had been this way to see her daughter in the Birmingham area or other family as she is originally FROM Calhoun County, where I live.

Anyway, the format was that they all were given fabric each month which was a variety of very similar 30's reproduction type prints, a closely packed design. They could pick whatever pattern they wished to use rather than be locked into what the shop had chosen.   I love 30's prints but working in one fabric line is not easy for ME to do, Normally that means little variety with just a diference in colorway but they did not seem to have trouble.  I know some of the ladies had to have supplemented what they were given to squeeze this big of a top.  

Okay, I'll hush up and just point out two that I know belong to some friends or if I know the design/designer!

These look a lot like Darcy Ashton's Claire's Cats--there are two books. I have some downloaded from the net some time back so that might be why I think I have some of the patterns, LOL

This one is pretty neat and makes the pinwheels so much more interesting, IMHO

The sashing gives this one a neat focus away from the simple Single Irish Chain

This one is quite striking!

This one as well---Chaining Blocks with Alternating Stars and not easily pieced ones either!

Classic!  Arkansas Snowflake is one name for this

This is Lois' quilt.  A friend of her daughter has laid claim to it and it was pinned at the last meeting.  I like the block pattern and love the embroidered kitty at center.

Cute owls

This one seemed to be telling a story

This one (I think) is variations of either Disappearing Hour Glass or Pinwheel.  I would have to check the Missour Star Quilt Company you tube videos.  They are some blocks I would like to try!

This belongs to my friend Ada.  The block at center is a Card trick block and then she copied decks of cards and applied the image to cloth.  Clever girl!

Well done Sampler

 Same here

Interesting 9 patch variations

this might have  been a first quilt?  Can't remember now

I am fairly sure that most of these blocks are from the Eleanor Burns/Quilt in a Day Egg Money Quilts

It does not look like they let me upload all the pictures or else I forgot Margarita's so looks like another post will be coming.

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  1. Thank you for the big picture show. I don't get out much (unless you count teaching 5th graders...they don't quilt.) Sometimes the simplest thing can be the ah-ha in the the "improved" pinwheel and two color star. Thanks again!


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