Dec 14, 2014

Sunday check-in

And another week went flying by.  Another day of binge cooking, two Christmas gatherings to attend.  The Belles and I met for breakfast at Cracker Barrel on Tuesday. Yesterday was the quilt guild's final meeting for 2014 and potluck.  It was so cool to see the walls decorated with all the quilts, challenge quilts and crafty items as well as catch up with the group a bit.  Oh, the food was good too, LOL.

I've gotten zero sewing done this week and every day I thought I might be able to carve out some time.  Didn't happen but a little knitting did get done.  The critters and I log some couch time in the evenings so I need something to keep my hands busy.  Sometimes, it is just playing free cell.  I had to get one more ball of yarn to finish up the dishcloth that lacked 1 inch of completion.  Of course, I started another with what remained.  I think it will have to be the last one for awhile as I counted 8 in the towel stack plus I have three to work in the yarn ends.  12 total once this last one is completed.  I should be working on my embroidery!

This next week I don't have anything scheduled so depending on the weather, whether Oscar needs to be more in than out, I am hopeful that I can start on the zip zip bags that I've wanted to try for weeks now!  I half expect Donna to call one of thesedays to tell me she has that last Christmas top ready for me to quilt.

Since I don't have anything of my own to show, I'll share the quilts that were turned in by Bama Belles, a little quilt show.  I had to get my butt in gear and get them all logged into the 2014 quilt document as 15 quilts were given away this last week.  3 to some needs here in our community, and 13 to a home in Gadsden that serves wards of the state of Alabama.  I'm not sure yet where the remaining ones are headed but will work it out.  The girls prefer that the quilts stay in the area if possible though we are part of the larger group, Wrap Them in Love based in Washington State and have been since our group formed in early 2000.

This is Lois' challenge quilt finished.  I had given them a choice of fabrics to work with this time and she picked the M&M fabric which she used on the back BUT she matched the M&M colors in the rail fence blocks.

Earlier in the year we had explored the 4 patch stacked posie technique which produces a kaleidoscope effect with the four pieces in the block identical.  This sweet little quilt was made by Aline.  Lois has one also  below--watch for it.

"Fiddlesticks" from The Teacher's Pet is another one we played around with using some fabric donated by one of our members who was relocating to OH.  Aline chose to use some fabric in her stash for this quilt with a Southwest vibe.  Actually I barely got this one logged in; it was one of the 13 I pulled for the group home, thinking that one of the older kids might need a bigger quilt.

This is Lois' Log Cabin in the Straight Furrows set

Lois' Log Cabin Medallion set.  I didn't see the turned block till I took the picture. 

Lois' 4 patch posie simply sashed and cornerstoned with complimentary fabric.  Lovely!

An old favorite, Pineapple Blossom

This is a little something that was sent to me from a fellow blogger.  Barb had commented about something I had made for a blog hop a few months back.  I had decided I was done with the pattern and offered to pass it on to her if she wanted it.  She sent me the cute cup cozy.  I looked at the package thinking "who do I know in Oklahoma?" but it came to me BEFORE I hit the house after the trip across the lane to get the mail, LOL.

AND one last picture!  Lily is 5 months old now,  Each month Mama gets a picture of her on the blanket her Nana (my sister Diane) made for her and wearing the little tutu.  She is also stylin' in her seasonal hat.    She has also modeled a pumpkin hat and last month a a turkey one!  My sister usually watches her once a week so I kept supplied in adorable pictures of this precious one.

Guess that's it for this post.    Oscar has been patiently waiting for me to claim my part of the couch, LOL.


  1. Wow, you quilt ladies have been busy, and for a great cause! Love looking at all the quilts. And of course that last picture is too cute, little snowman hat! Have a great week!

  2. Lily is adorable!! Love the quilts - Lois' Log Cabin turned block reminds me of a "Snail Trail" block - and her 4-patch posie reminds me that I have one of those to sash and finish - one of these days - ;))

  3. Thank you for the mini-quilt show. Lily is a the hat!


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