Sep 14, 2007

3:23 p.m.

Two posts in one day--and in between I DID get busy in straighten things up in here. The Christmas fabric is all in one spot and the bin is temporarily in the bedroom till I get my row done--after that, anyone's guess. (May have to attack one of my bedroom closets to make room.) The greens moved to the spot were some of the Christmas HAD been so that freed up those two baskets on the end top for something else--mainly those smaller white baskets---I was able to empty out three total.

One large grocery sack full will be donated to a local quilt group with little resources once I track down the contact number. There are even a couple of old quilt tops that they can have that I know I do not want to tackle so they can have them as long as they go to a charitable cause, I don't care nor would the peson who donated them.

Looking from the other angle on the 2nd shot. I got the project boxes moved down to the other end which I wanted to do for some time except for one that will be completed fairly soon. No shopping bags full of fabric under the cutting/pressing table on the opposite wall either--it found a place. It even looks a little better in the closet though we aren't going to take any pictures of THAT!!

I should have taken a "BEFORE" picture but trust me, it does look better in here with less stuff crammed in above the lower shelves baskets. My husband asked what had gotten into me as I guess I make messes, rather than clean them up as a rule--that's more fun in the first place! Oh, who knows but even he thought it looked neater in here but that might be as much for vacuuming the strings up.

(Norma, see the thimble rack on the button bin storage containers? in the 2nd picture?)

Well, got a post office run and need to run by the grocery store since I do not want to eat last night leftovers for supper. Those pork chops were not that good to start with and nuking them isn't going to improve them any. Then I will definitely finish up the binding on the Joann BOM and maybe hand quilt. Ooops, DJ reminded me that I promised to give him a haircut too. Woman of many talents, LOL.


  1. I see the thimble rack! Who knew we were both thimble collectors!

  2. what brand of sewing machine do you use?


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