Sep 12, 2007

one of those days

It has been one of those days----not getting much done but not totally goofing off either though I did waste an hour playing La Belles Lucie with a Draw---I admit it. Mostly it seems like I have started a task but then it lead off in other tangents.

Right after I walked this morning, I had to go buy some packing tape and an ink cartridge to take care of some of the odds and ends the meeting yesterday. I hit Walmart at 7 a.m. so you would think I was thinking ahead and combining my trips---generally being organized. You would be wrong. I still had things to put away from the meeting and that led to a general desk clearing. Below is what it looked like in here when I got home yesterday so you can see why.

A document I was to email needed updating first--okay, hope she got it but will tell me if she can't open it. While I was it, I updated my notes about machine quilters in the area. Now that might be construed as thinking ahead a bit. When I meet with the lady next week to see what can be done with grandma's tops, I will have alternative information of where she might try next if I don't want to deal with them. A little side tracked but no biggie.

But, when I went to print up my newly minted document, my newly installed the black print cartridge was not working. I cleaned the nozzles like 5 times and it was still not working. I read up on the companies' suggestion for cleaning it manually. No go. So I packed up the other box I need to mail to headquarters so I could combine my trips. Box 1 is parked in the living room in my cart that I carry stuff into the meetings. Oops, almost out of mini sheet mailing labels so I stopped to order them online--can't find them here in town. Then I make another trip BACK to the store and got a refund and another cartridge though I checked out other printers if this one doesn't work (it did but I've done some homework). I also picked up the envelopes I should have gotten on round 1. I mailed off the boxes on the way back home. Then later I looked for some fall clothes at a vendor online and wound up ordering some flannel sheets for DJ at a totally different site instead..........
LOL, as I was typing this, DJ found out that we cannot get two of his fav stations on DISH on the two sets with the DVR receiver and wanted me to check the link online. 20 mins later and a bit of clicking no information seems forthcoming. He can call tomorrow.......and that is how it went. No piecing, no quilting going on today. I have plans for tomorrow and possibly Friday morning so things are definitely slowed down for a few days.

We had a productive meeting yesterday---9 quilts pinned, 8 are in those piles you see above so you know what I will be doing next week. Most of us were helping to pin though I had a lot of quilt pics to take. Lois was sewing some more Lauder styled Puss in the Corner blocks and Rosa helped her by doing the secondary cuts and pressing. This has been an ongoing project but they worked till they had enough made for a 5 x 7 block set. I am going to square them up and Theramae volunteered to take care of the assembly.

Rosa had been working on binding at the last meeting and had brought her notions to pick up where she left off but we had parcelled out the quilts between Jane, Sarah and Theramae to get them finished up in the intervening 2 wks. She looked crestfallen when I said that we had gotten them all done----but I assured her that I would definitely have some for her in two weeks time so plan on doing binding!!

Theramae brought an interesting package----a friend of hers is going through her things and passing them on to people she thought might like them.

A little folded cover containing a lot of vintage appearing hankies. They came home with me but Aline has been making a hankie quilt so I let her pick out the ones she wanted --the embroidered ones. She knows where the rest are should she need more.

Lois also had a pile of blocks to share--- she and Beverly have been taking little sessions at the quilt shop where they work with a ruler or technique of some sort so she has blocks without a home. I will add them to the other abandoned blocks that I have on hand. Ride that 'ol Orphan Train, right, Finn?

Here are a few of the quilts that were turned in---Ashley from GA sent us the tops, I quilted them, the girls bound them and they are now on their way to WTIL headquarters. Nice and bright and kid friendly.

There are more but I'll save that for another day. Tomorrow, several of us are going up to Collinsville for the Quilter's "Yard Sale". They will be selling a yard for $2.50 in the same space that we used for the retreat last month--day out with the girls. In spite of us buying 280 some yards they still have more so some more quilters will have some fun too. The only thing I really "need" is stuff for sashing and cornerstones on my 4 patch posies but that may be hard to match and I am not all that sure what I am looking for either---I'll take the project box. Doesn't cost money to look, right?


  1. Sounds like a normal day for me Linda...LOL, 1 step forward and 2 steps back...LOL
    But all in all, a lot got accomplished. And the girls days out sounds wonderful..hard to beat that!
    The quilts look great, very kid friendly indeed. And hurray for more orphan blocks to make quilts with. The one I've just put up of Carol E's is just that sort. She isn't happy with it, but some WTIL child will be thrilled to own something of their own!
    Wish I could say I've been more productive, but I seem to be climbing up out of where ever I was, and it's a slow go. At least I'm playing with fabric again..*VBS*
    Take care of you...chin scratches for Pippi! Hugs, Finn

  2. Everything is looking so good. You certainly are the busy one. I really love that easy version of the stack and whack. Got to try it.

  3. hurray for such fun and bright quilts!

  4. I've been retired 2 years and I'm still amazed at how the time evaporates with no quilting done. Love the quilt pics. I'm always on the lookout for easy interesting designs to use for Project Linus.

  5. Those hankies will make some WONDERFUL applique butterflies, if they're folded right. That was my first thought when I saw them.
    I'm also in Stashbuster, the Yahoo group.


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