Sep 18, 2007

this and that on a Tuesday

We had had some glorious weather here in my part of NE central Alabama. A little cooler in the morning so I don't have to get up quite so early in the morning to try to beat the sun and the heat. Nice breeze blowing, sunshine and just the hint of fall in the air. I live for days like this! Pippi is seen enjoying some of that morning sun in the picture above. Afternoons, will find her in either of her perches on the opposite side of the house though I accidentally shut her in the bedroom closet yesterday. My friend Joy was coming by yesterday afternoon to pick up a few of the donation quilts to display at the Collinsville Quilt Walk next weekend so I had the door wide open while I picked out six of the quilts. Unbeknownst to me, she must have taken that opportunity to sneak in there. I thought she was hiding under the bed and didn't go looking for her for several hours. Of course, when I opened the closet door, she comes out nonchalantly with that "I meant to do it" attitude.

I have gotten a couple of the main piecing bits of my Poinsettia row blocks done--three more to go and then applique the stems down and make the gold flower centers and the leaves. Since the pieces are a little on the small side I am foundation piecing these and eliminated some of the seams by doing small square in the square units where the blocks join. The 1st block was the one I learned on with the 2nd going more in assembly line process.

I got the prettiest piece of Maywood Ho Ho HoPine Needles in gold yesterday in the mail from Christmas Cloth that goes very well with the background fabric I am using and just the hint of green. I appreciate JudyL mentioning this site on her blog as I have some possible snowflake/snowmen fabric spotted for my bluework snowmen too. The order arrived quickly and at a reasonable price for the weight of the item in a flat rate priority mailing envelope.

Sunday I finally did a little handquilting on the Joann BOM--just one more heart shape to go on the first of 7 blocks. I don't know how well it shows up in this picture but I am liking this template. I think that I probably could have done this on machine though the base of hearts might have been a little tight but I am enjoying the process.

I think one or two more days of piecing and then I will have to get the Viking out and get a couple of the donation quilt tops done. A few of the girls will be looking for some binding to do at our meeting next week. The robin needs to be done and sent out by October 1st or as near as I can get it heading just over the Georgia line.

Other than that, DJ and I went up to a meat packing place today and got a grand opening special that included like, a side of beef along with a big ham, a huge bag of shrimp, chicken, bacon and sausage and 10-2 lb bags of frozen vegetables. My chest freezer is packed! I know we both will worry when the electricity goes off the next time---and it will.

This afternoon I met with the woman who had called about quilting some family quilts. Two of them I could have possibly done for her as they were easy grid zoom lines though the tops were full sized but I just really don't have time. The other was a nosegay top with 30's and 40's fabrics, hand pieced. She also had a pile of double wedding ring blocks that asked about---they are missing that piece that goes between the blocks. I had my list typed up of some longarmers that she could consult with and told her what she might expect cost wise. I had some advice about what she needed to check with the quilter: do they provide the backing and batting (included in the costs of quilting or extra?) and who does the binding. She said that I had given her some good information about the quilts and how to proceed. The quilt group can do the binding if the quilt shop won't--she can call.

It is about time for dinner so I'll close---I had put some beef stew in the crockpot right after I finished my morning laps and it has been smelling good at my house!


  1. Your poinsetta blocks look so Christmasy! That looks like a good site - I missed that link in Judy's post apparently. Just what I don't need - another good online fabric store LOL!

  2. nice Christmas fabrics over at the link-sounds like you will have less shopping to do with a freezer full of food!

  3. My sister trapped her cat in the closet last time I was over there too. Your poinsetta blocks look great - I did one of those for one of the Beth Ferrier quilts.

  4. I am so far behind in reading blog posts! I love the poinsettia blocks for the row quilt! I see where you aren't going to take the commission work. I don't blame you--your schedule is pretty jam packed!


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