Sep 14, 2007

a shopping we will go........

I know this web ring is supposed to be about stashbusting....and I do my fair share of that. This post is more about stash-augmenting or plugging up some holes in the stash. Even the stashbuster yahoo group calls the B stuff as in batting, backing, borders, binding "legal" purchases in spite of their pledge to use and reduce.

A Time 2 Sew in Collinsville had their "yard" sale yesterday---in this case, literally a yard was on sale for $2.50. Normally the shop is closed on Thursday but they were hosting this special event at the same spot where I attended the quilt retreat last month. Actually most of the town shuts down on Thursday as well, a habit they formed back in WW II so people could work in their Victory Gardens. Joy said that the townspeople just got used to it and kept up the tradition 60 years later. Anyway, two of my quilt group and I drove up together while another friend who shares membership with another area quilt group rode up by an alternate route with 3 friends from that group.

Some was cut already into yard cuts but they had bolts available as well that Sheila and Nessa were helping to cut and ring up while Mamie was stationed over at the quilt shop if there was something you needed. I didn't realize that the shop was open or I believe a piece or two might have followed me home. I got 15.5 yards for me as it was.

First up, I found some sashing fabric for my 4-patch stacked posies--the narrow frame that goes around the blocks. I put some of the blocks on top to audition it--the busier pink blocks don't show up as much contrast but I think this will work. The wider sashing choice will have to wait though I am leaning towards a yellow-green at this point. BUT I also found a yard cut of the floral print so I figure I can line the 3 leftover sections I had from Sunday's "playing" and get the 4th identical section and not have to cut into the yardage reserved for borders now.

Next up, the yardage---two Christmas prints on either end of the piles, the red will be used soon for the poinsettia blocks I will be piecing for my own row. A nice red tone on tone---several quilts can use that. The gold leaf, I have three fall/Thanksgiving rows in my row group to do this year. The lime green print, the merkitties challenge. Neutrals, who can't use those? Oh, and see my cute little hammer---the handle holds screwdrivers but I got it for pounding seams. I would have gotten one last month but my fellow retreat attendees got the last ones the hardware store across the street had in stock. Woodlyn was giving hers a workout with the pinwheels she was working on so I've seen it in action, LOL. Plus the floral pattern is just plain cute!

Aline suggested gave me permission to spend some of the quilt groups monies to get some yardage for the quilt group if I saw fit. I picked out 14 yard cuts of juvenile prints--I left those out in the car though. Pat turned around and handed me some money as donation that paid for most of it. Actually we had 5 members of the group present come lunch time so I guess we had a quorum and now some backing fabric or some fabric to use at the fall sew-in.

The 2nd group was a little late in arriving as they made a wrong turn and wound up on the Georgia-Alabama line. Aline, Beverly and I were done shopping and ran over to see Joy who was just on her way to the quilt shop. We visited for a bit and saw some of the things she was working on and then met the others at a Chinese restaurant up the road. Turns out that the group of shoppers we saw when WE arrived had made the same decision for a lunch spot---they said they had forgotten about the hours time difference and arrived early, meaning they were all from Georgia. They may run into each other again as the East Cobb Quilters Guild is having their quilt show this weekend. I know the JOY group is taking a van over from here.

Speaking of Christmas fabrics and Christmas rows---this graphic shows what I will be working on soon. I am using the Fons and Porter "Christmas Joy" pattern that was featured in their magazine about 7 years ago but it is printed up in booklet form now. I would love it if it were replicated, LOL, but I don't expect the quilt to be made exactly as shown. They can use the patterns for inspiration--or not. I drew it up in EQ because I know that this could be foundation pieced and eliminate a few lines where the sections join. But my leaves sure don't look like the original drawing!

Last night I started going through two of my containers that held Christmas fabric looking for a green to use for the blocks. I could have sworn that I had some Moda Marble Christmas green around here somewhere but found something that will work just as well as I kept digging. I refolded the fabrics but could not get it all in one spot. There is another basket of Christmas fabrics type atop my 3rd bookcase, in the corner with my desk and file cabinet-- not in a handy place to retrieve it. This morning I came to the conclusion that having this stuff scattered and stored in three pieces is not a good option so I retrieved a bin from the storage room, dumped out the batting bits that were in it and will get this stuff in one spot. I know it will lead to more fabric shuffling or shelf rearranging but so be it. More of that one thing leads to another action around here. It needs to be done when space is finite.

In chatting with Cher on IM this morning about my "girls day out" she asked me where I was going to put the stuff I just bought. Well, most of it does go in the categories -- Fall, Christmas, neutrals so not a big storage problem. Plus there is room in the bag from my last month purchases if I have to leave it there because I have already used several 2 1/2 yard pieces for backing recently. Might have to double bag it though but that can be done. Some will be used immediately for the Christmas row and other soon for my challenge quilt(s) When I mentioned that to Norma in an email yesterday, her response was to ask if I was working on a "one to one trade"--use a yard, get a yard? Maybe, I am, LOL.

Speaking of Norma, I got this package from her on Tuesday--not necessarily as a birthday gift but also things she was putting aside to mail to me. I'm doing the same thing for her actually. Maps and picture postcards of her area, a pattern or two that will work out well for our donation quilts, Canadian items, some pink kitty paws fabric from one kitty lover to another and that cool dogwood penny rug kit designed by one of her local quilt designers. She had it all in that little narrow box that once held pork ribs and quite appropriately, wrapped in freezer paper! Thanks again, Norma.

We are getting some much needed rain today--the slow and fairly steady kind, not wind and lightning. It kept me off the working trail this morning but that has been rare this very dry 2007. Looks like I can get a bit of a workout in the sewing room today though--lifting and toting while I revisit my stash remind myself what is in there and purge what I no longer will want or will use.


  1. sounds like you had a great day filling in the stash holes and spending time with friends. You have an awesome blog! I am fairly new to this. I want you to know you are an inspiration to me!

  2. Every stash needs a boost now and then *s* What a fun sale. I love the idea of the town closing up on Thursdays to work in the garden. Sounds like my kinda place.

  3. Filling holes in your stash is a good thing, and at $2.50 per yard, it was your duty to shop!
    What lovely treats from Norma, she's such a honey.

  4. That yard sales sounds like it was fun! I really think you are going to have to add another room onto your house to store all the fabric that has been "following you home lately"! But then, maybe the one for one exchange is working! A hole appears and is quickly filled by another piece of fabric! LOL
    I am thrilled that you enjoyed your parcel.

  5. it all sounds such fun Linda...shifting things around and enjoying replenishing...all good!

  6. Hi Linda, Haven't had a chance to visit you in a LONG time! See you are just as usual - accomplishing an astounding number of things. What you can get done boggles the mind of us lesser beings. The silver lining in my accident means I'll finally get caught up on my blog reading - I've missed "chatting" with all of you so much!

  7. Always fun to get FUN mail - looks like that little box was stuffed. I like your pointsettas - very Christmas-sy! Funny though how people with small kids will bring pointsettas right into the house during holidays when they are so poisonous! But nice to look at - I like your fabric version much better.




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