Sep 1, 2007

How did it get to be Labor Day weekend already? The year seems to be slipping by so quickly and here we are changing the calendar page again. It will be a quiet weekend around here---DJ and I aren't going to any cookouts or family gatherings. He'll play golf, I'll walk and work on whatever quilt is in the works---same as usual.

Here is one that I took the final binding stitch in Thursday evening and pressed Quilt Holder to work before he could plunk down in the recliner after lawn mowing duties. Nancy sent a half done top and a gob of blocks to Pam who just didn't have time to finish this one up so she passed it on to me and the Bama Belles. I've shown the top before (with the door behind him open and the sun shining through the top making the fabric glow like jewels ) but here it is all quilted up and bound. I have about 40 blocks leftover as I think Nancy intended to make a much larger top. I have decided to just make some of these 4.5 inch finished rail blocks as I go with my scraps----an ongoing project and when I have enough, make a top or two.

DJ called me outside to see what the sky looked like the other night. Storm clouds were gathering and we later did have a bit of rain. :ast night it was mostly cloud to ground lightening and a lot of it. It was just as pretty on the sun going down side but by the time I went back in for the camera it was out in full blaze---before it looked like silver and gold lace with the sun barely peaking out from behind the clouds to the west.

This is our little ranch in the picture, obviously. The window you see between those two overgrown bushes is my sewing room. Pippi was supervising the proceedings from her perch in the sewing room as I came back towards the house. The picture looks back towards my computer if you can see anything through the screen and glass window and know what you are looking for.

I started machine quilting a bit yesterday afternoon on THIS top. It was a Joann's BOM that Nancy had started and one of the projects I worked on at the retreat a few weeks ago. I have the pieced blocks machine quilted and spent some time marking the borders with a wide cross hatching. I plan on hand quilting a heart motif in the alternating blocks.

Other than that, not much going on----and that's fine with me.

Hope you all have a happy and safe holiday weekend in whatever you chose to do.


  1. The quilt looks wonderful! Someone will love it!


  2. I'm so glad to flip that page to September . . . maybe now we will get a little cooling *s* Too bad you didn't get a little more relief in the way of rain from those clouds.

  3. well, sounds like a perfect three day weekend to me...I am doing a little of this and a little of that myself.
    great result with those rail blocks-another great quilting job too.

  4. That is a very interesting sky picture. Even clouds can have expression! Pippi seems interested in something on the outside of that window! Was she up there just because you had gone outside and she wanted to see what you are up to? Joey often does that.

  5. Hi Linda, quiet Labor Day here also. Guess that is just the place we are too in life, huh?? I'm monkeying around with the old Peaky and Spike templates from Doreen Speckman's set. I have a halloween wall quilt on my brain, and today is as good a day as any...LOL
    Love the setting of the fence rail..very affective. Stay well, Hugs, Finn

  6. Great quilt to use as a signature quilt, or not. Beautiful either way. Great job, as usual. You deserve a break..


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