Sep 5, 2007

caught up--temporarily

I have been machine quilting since last Friday and finished up the 4th one in my stack this morning. I am caught up temporarily again till we pin some more next week. Really I am just trading one job for another as now I have binding to work on for a few days.

Notice anything wrong with this picture?? Yep, I was sewing on binding with the fold to the edge, not the two raw edges to the batting side. Thankfully, I noticed it when I got to the corner and attempted the miter and did not go clear around the quilt--more like 20 some inches worth of ripping. I know that this the first time in all my 20 years of quilting to pull that particular error.

The first one of the four I mentioned in my last post, the Joann's BOM quilt, (shown HERE) I was about to mark it for a wide crosshatching in the borders and will hand quilt in the plain squares, just for fun---LOL, in my spare time. The machine quilting was done by Saturday evening. Sunday I quilted up THIS one of Joy's (from Quiltmaker's Gift fabric) . Monday was the third one-- a Double Irish Chain top that Nancy had started and Theramae finished---no pic of it till the binding is done. Yesterday afternoon and this morning, the abandoned blocks quilt from the retreat, shown HERE. I think you might be able to see how much quilting I put in it at least in the lighter parts in the picture, wherever it lands on the page.

I took a picture of the abandoned block quilt back to show the stash busting I used to squeeze it out for this slightly oversized top, almost square top. Appropriate, I thought, since the blocks are all a hodge podge of color. That same blue for the binding I tried to mess up is used on the back--some that Aline donated to the group. Mom, you will remember this pink print since it is one I brought back from your bin purge. Its on the back of Joy's Compassionate Stars too. The other pinks have been hanging around a while but they are gone now!

Oh, in that same post where I showed you the Joann's BOM top and mentioned about the tree next door almost taking ours and our neighbors power line down? Well the power guy did the absolute minimum amount of work with the limb removal, sawing off only the limbs directly around the power line. The limb snapped off the tree the rest of the way and thankfully, landed on the kudzu and did not plummet the 12 or more feet down to the busy road below. Also I found out that the other neighbor's fence across our lane was NOT damaged by the same storm that caused the limb breakage---turns out his trunk rolled out of gear and smashed into it and would have kept on going down hill had his fence not stopped it. They are replacing part of the fencing today.

DJ is taking advantage of some of the cloud cover to do a little painting on the soffit in the back of the house. We are not getting much rain again so the lawn mowing has slowed and the kudzu is flowering so its growth slows and so does his trimming it. I don't envy him any of these jobs. Me? I fixed lunch, ran some errands and will have to start supper soon enough. Pippi doesn't know it yet but she'll have to go for her lab repeats tomorrow--we blew it off last week when company was here. That's about it in my little corner of the world.


  1. It seems that you have been very productive in your little corner of the world! That is quite a bit of quilting on the abandoned block quilt! Nice job on the stash busting for the back! Poor Pippi--it may be back to hiding under the bed for a while after you get back from her lab tests!

  2. Wow, you've been productive!! Love the orphan blocks!

  3. I had to chuckle when I saw your boo-boo. lol I've often worried about doing that very same thing. Can we say, "preoccupied!" LOL As fast and furious as you go, girlfriend, I don't know how you keep everything straight. You are STILL my inspiration!

    I absolutely love the orphan blocks quilt! You did a great job placing all the the blocks. The quilting is fabulous, too.

  4. Good to know I'm not the only one who pulls a stunt like that binding trick...LOL
    Quilts are looking great, can't wait to see the Orphan blocks one all quilted up! Hope all goes well for Pippi, and that the test results are the 'cats meow'! Hugs, Finn

  5. Great job on the quilting front - you've been busy, busy :)

  6. Hey - nifty binding trick *s* To date my best is sewing to the back and then having to pull and stitch down toward the front. I was at a class and a couple of ladies gathered round . . . thinking I had some wonderful, new technique. HA! Just another bumble by me *s*

  7. Wow, you've been a busy bee! Beautiful quilts! I've done the thing as Libby. Only I chose to take mine all off and ended up with warped borders. Chalked that one up to experience! Good job on all your beautiful finishes!

  8. It is always a wonderful feeling when you feel like you are all caught up! Congratulations!




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