Aug 10, 2010

finished to flimsy 2

Woohoo! Another finished up donation top. I think whoever gets this one can have fun looking for the matching blocks, finding the pairs. Some have them and other colored fabrics don't.

Not sure what I will work on today, though maybe the redwork Santa at least for a little while. I had been considering working on the purse that I bought fabric for recently but am reminded that I have a purse in the UFO pile that I could finish up first. Not sure exactly I left off with that one---it is a Lazy Girl Designs Towne Purse. Since I used a dark fabric I know I wanted it more for a fall/winter thing. Still, going off on another tangent would be more fun, LOL. I'm all about the fun, dontcha know?!

Speaking of purses, have you seen Lazy Girls newest design that is going to be released next month? Too cute especially if you have some striped fabric on hand--which I do! Try this link.

DJ and I will be going out to lunch in a bit---birthday lunch. I never did pick the restaurant though. I was leaning towards Chinese or a BBQ place I wanted to try but figured I had plenty of time to make up my mind. He heard a new spot advertised on the radio and suggested this place---and I agreed. Hey, any meal that I do not have to cook myself is fine with me. Since this spot is near downtown and our car tags are due with us both in the same vehicle, I think he wants to stop at the county administration building to take care of that.

I was surprised on Friday though. My pal Marilyn had called Thursday evening to see if I wanted to run to Hobby Lobby with her and then maybe over to Olive Garden for lunch, her treat. (She has no problems remembering my bday as I share it with her son.) When we got to the restaurant, 4 members of our quilt group were there waiting for us along with another friend from the Thursday evening group. I knew Marilyn was going to see if two of them could come as one had a birthday in late July and another, later THIS month but this was even better! Another of our pals is even later in August and the other, early September----one big old party!

Nothing much more to pass along----hope you all have a good day in whatever you chose to do.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!.....from Norma and Joey!

  2. happy birthday!! left a message on your cell...glad you had a fun day


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