Aug 12, 2010

well duh!

Math has never been my strong suit. Other subjects came far easier to me but math, nope. Boy do I need to correct a statement I made at the end of July about my walking tallies.

It hit me today, about the 4th lap in at 6 in the morning, that I had not walked 488 MILES since I started tracking my laps in May to the end of July. I had walked 488 LAPS at 0.28 miles/lap. DUH! Darn it anyway. Also turns out I miscalculated the laps too with simple mathematically errors in multiplication and then addition.

To date, the corrected number is 557 laps and 155.96 miles. DJ said I could almost walk from St. Louis to Bloomington, IL (my former home) with that kind of mileage. Wonder how long it will take me to get my mileage from Alabama to my parent's house?? About 675 miles from our front door to theirs. That would be a fun way to celebrate, wouldn't it? (Or how far to BC, Norma?) Well, I sure wouldn't trust my math on that one! About 50 miles a month x 10 months= May 2011 when we need to go back for our grandson's high school graduation anyway. Could that be right?

I think I was wise to dial it back---4 days on and then one off cycle. Far less discomfort in the back of my leg and low back. I am still toying with the idea of adding one more lap though. 8 is getting too easy but only if the body parts don't start squawking, LOL.

Make it a good one---------

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