Aug 16, 2010

some progress

Well, the blocks are all done for Allison's (my niece and godchild) sorority t-shirt quilt. The blocks will be floated on some white on white but I used my bed for the design surface.

The blue was her sorority color so we wanted to incorporate it into the quilt but I did not like the way it looked against the purple or the green block that is about falling off the bed so I framed it in white first. Also there is a blue shirt that is very close in color. Now looking at the picture, I should have done that with the black block as well. It is not too late to fix it though.

I foundation pieced her initials in a block "just in case" I needed it for filler. I might stick it on the back. The blue fabric in the letters is what I have picked out for the backing.

Well, next up some calculations so I can draw up my cutting/piecing map in EQ----after I fix that block, LOL. I only THOUGHT I was done!

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  1. Excellent progress on the t-shirt quilt! You will have a completed top ready for that deadline without any problems!


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