Aug 18, 2010

WIP Weds, wk #33

Well, I sewed from 10 to about 4 with time out for lunch preparation, phone calls and other short breaks to stretch the legs. Half of the t-shirt quilt is done. My goal was to have this in the hands of the quilter by Friday or Saturday of this week---and I WILL make that goal.

As I showed you in my last post on Monday evening, all the blocks were done by then. I tried to work on the design in EQ but all but one of the FABS was on IM and I was too busy chatting to get the math right, LOL. Also I wanted to make an adjustment in the width of the first column---it is easier to just start over with custom set, I have found than try to make adjustments to each and every piece of an existing quilt. The picture might look "right" but I need to know exactly what size to cut those sections and verify it on my printouts.

By mid morning Tuesday I had my cutting map all figured out and went to work on cutting the background spacers and pinning them to each individual block for easy sewing today. The sashing bits, borders and binding are also prepped. I was worried that I would not have enough fabric. Knowing that I had bought it up in Boaz, I sure didn't want to make an additional about 100 mile round trip to get more! Since I decided to only have a top and bottom background colored border, that was a good decision. I could squeeze them out if I had to but just barely.

I ended up piecing Allison's initial block (the extra one) into the backing so it is all set. I even prepped the backing for my Daisy Chain in case Susan will let me drop that quilt off as well. There are some space storage concerns so maybe not but then I won't have to get in a giant rush when she tells me she is about ready for me.

By the time I got done pressing, sewing and wrestling about 18 total yards of fabric around I had enough for one day. It is amazing how sweaty you can get just ironing when the a/c just won't keep up with the muggy, hot weather we have been having. UGH

That is about it for me----mostly focused on that quilt. DJ has been lucky to get a meal around here, LOL.


  1. your t*shirt quilt is looking good! and two backs made also~you're on a roll! :)

  2. Ms Linda, could you tell me how big you cut the tshirts? My daughter is having a baby and when I said something to her about her baby's quilt she complained that I had never made her one. This is the BEST tshirt quilt pattern I have seen. also the strips sizes please. Thank You for shareing your talents.


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