Feb 3, 2011

still at it---designing, cutting

Yesterday's cutting output at left.

Clockwise from upper left, the go-with's for Lyn Brown's Cypress Quilt (leftovers from Mom). Some old Debbie Mumm animal print will show up there.

Upper right---whatever it was intended to be, it is now cut up and re-purposed for a Naptime though not near as fun and bright fabric as I cut up. No clue as to where it originated.

Lower right---Prairie Window but I am not going to do an outer border. Shells fabric from the BB challenge. Not sure where the stripe is from but I found a use for it and whacked up some old yardage from my stash that looks a lot like wet sand color.

Lower left, BQ 1 the half sized version. The focus fabric is some of the Over the Rainbow PIF challenge fabric. The red dot is donation fabric though I am not sure about the source. It may have been in the BB challenge, not sure. It was not a purchase I made though.

This is what I am supposed to be cutting for today but I have gotten a little sidetracked drawing in EQ, etc. I am taking a Gordian Knot class as part of the Friendship Quilter's sew-in later in the month. The instructor has indicated that there will be no time to cut in class so we are to cut and label what we need ahead of time. 16 bags worth---and I needed to go get some ziploc bags for that purpose 1st. Other than cutting some fabric that has not arrived yet for one of the kit bags, this is probably going to be the end of the cutting binge till I am ready to trim down the cut pieces in my Belles scrap challenge bag.

To that end I was considering more what to do with some of those strips and scraps. Printouts were compiled from my clippings files, computer and otherwise.

Tomorrow I believe I will set up to sew and get a jump start on the WTIL sewing weekend. LOL, no shortage of things to pick from, with all the organizing I have been doing.

I had to laugh at DJ and Skyler this morning. DJ was practicing his putting on the living room rug. Skyler was flopped on the "green" and impeding progress. At one point he was playing with the golf ball as he would his puff balls or catnip mouse but it didn't scratch up as well OR fit his mouth.

It looks like we have snow flurries dropping. A little earlier, it was sleeting. The temperatures are right at the freezer mark but I don't think much of anything is expected. Nothing like what my friends and family in the Midwest have had to deal with, that's for sure!

That's it for now------busy girl this week!


  1. Good job! You'll have lots to sew and it will be quick! Just grab a baggie and start sewing~sweet!

  2. I admire your organization skills with all those prospective quilts, cut and kitted up -- ready to go!

    I love DJ's new golf partner! I wonder if he is a fair weather golfer? LOL

    I think you are getting our cold winter weather again by the sounds of it! Stay warm!


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