Feb 23, 2011

WIP Weds, wk 9/yesterday's meeting

Cutting and kitting again!

I finished quilting my Kitty "Leap Frog" Monday evening and could have worked on the binding at the quilt meeting yesterday. You know I didn't since you know how I feel about binding, LOL. Instead, I cut the two kit bags you see on the top middle and right, the fall-ish colored stuff from mostly challenge fabrics. It all kinda- sorta went together but the quilting pals made some suggestions and even handed me a good "go-with" that Linda C had just placed in the donation fabric.

The one on the right will be a staggered bricks quilt. I was minus one yellow-y olive green strip that I needed to complete the kit but found three possibles in my stash here at home and cut up what I had left. There are some loose 4 1/2 inch strips in there from what I was able to squeeze out that might end up a Snuggle Up down the line, depending on what remains when I am done with the Bricks idea.

The middle one uses a large scale fall print from the Belles scrap bag challenge and some yardage that Ellen the head honcho at WTIL sent me in fall leaves. Seems perfect together, color and theme-wise, right? I plan on making either a two color Snuggle Up or I am leaning toward using Billie Lauder's method of Uneven Nine Patch (Puss in the Corner) in a positive-negative arrangement. I have done that before though I cannot find the quilt now that I am looking for it---see the EQ printout HERE above my cutting table to get an idea of what I meant.

The other bag---I had most of that one cut out before but was missing a few of the aqua-ish squares and had not cut the setting triangles or binding----till this morning, that is. It will be large 4 patches on point in a sort of zigzag set. It features some leftover oriental prints from Judy J's personal project a few years back. I just needed to match the Kaufman fusion print and get the background, and dig in my stash for a pink to make this happen. I don't know how well you can see the printout in the project bag but it will look somewhat like the quilt seen HERE in this post.

The other piles----Linda C had left a bunch of semi-pieced together 5 inch squares in the donation bin. I checked with her first that she meant to be giving these away to whoever felt like doing something with them. I un-sewed them last night and cut up a bunch of background squares.

The plan here is to use Billie Lauder's method of 4 patches (twofer) for the nickels to make the quilt at left. I don't know the name but it was on the stashbuster list some time back. Anyone know??? I have been calling it Diagonal Irish Chain. The other thought is: if I have doubles of some colors, they might be Puss in the Corner blocks. Can always trim them down from 5 inch to 3.5 for bow ties as well.

At the meeting, we also discussed some ideas for a large piece of a Oriental print from the scrap challenge though I will need to dig up some go-with's before that happens. You know how quilters feed off each other and the creative ideas start flying!Linda C and Lois were layering backings and tops so the stash at the church was getting hit up---good! That is what is there for! Some will need to be pieced so we didn't drag out the cutting tables.

Janet was sewing borders on a cute Christmas wall hanging and Beverly, binding her Romance Patience Corner. Since we are all looking for scrappy quilt ideas, we were looking thru the photo albums and notebooks for ideas again. Judy Martin's previous BOM Zippers was one that struck their fancy. And the Patience Corner---we had done that years ago as a pro bono mystery quilt from Judy Hopkins (she called it Block Aid) but a couple of the girls were not with us and were not familiar with the pattern. I see there is a link for it online on the Marsha McCloskey page about Judy Hopkins page--scroll down a bit. I had to right click and save file to get that to open but you might have better luck since I recently upgraded Adobe Reader.

Lastly, this pile is destined to be an Eleanor Burn's style Twin Sisters top but I need to pull the contrasting fabric to pair them with. I found this grouping of fabrics last night when I was looking for something else. Lois has made several of these but I haven't tried it yet. I may cut the strips a little bigger than she calls for at 3 1/2 ( instead of 2 1/2) as those blocks are fairly small. The alphabet print will be the border, the gold the sashing--maybe. I have a feeling it is going to end up in the body of the quilt as it is too bright NOT to. LOL, I even have binding leftover from whatever quilt I made before.

So that is how the creative bent is going this morning. If I still feel like cutting, I brought home a small tote from the meeting place that I am not sure that needs some attention, re-cutting or something as it can't be used as it is. It would be ready to grab and sew at the meeting place since I always have a machine in the car and some sewing supplies with me. BUT for right now, it is time for me to head out to the kitchen and put on a pot of pasta fagioli for our lunch unless it morphs into another idea before I get there. See? I change my mind about cooking too, LOL.

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  1. It sounds like the ideas are flying again! LOL I love how quilters find such great inspiration in one another. I love the brights you have going there--should be a cute quilt when it is done.


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