Feb 9, 2011

WIP Weds

Other than making a pile of binding, there is not a whole lot going on here today creatively. I AM preparing to mail two boxes of quilts off to Wrap Them in Love Headquarters. including the two tops I made last weekend.

Normally we only send in finished, ready to ship out quilts but Ellen had indicated that the shelves were pretty low right now after she had prepared a large shipment for a site in South America. I have put a moratorium on my pinning anything more to quilt till that pile on my armoire is dealt with. If she didn't mind quilting these two, she could have them a whole lot sooner than if I had to do it. (She has a long arm at the shop. ) After some back and forth emails she said to pop them in the box and she would do the honors.

So there is the aforementioned pile of binding about to be pressed. The project bag is my FAB birthday present for later in the month---I was basting down some of the elements of the design at the quilt meeting yesterday. The stack of fabrics? All fallish themed stuff---some Ellen sent recently, some from the stash, some from the various challenges I have going on right now. I think they may pair up well for On the Boardwalk or possibly Snuggle Up but I want to think on it a bit first.

We may get 2-3 inches of snow again tonight in evening and overnight hours. Maybe some ice if the project path is further north than they think. SO any errands that need running will be done today, just in case. I need some mailing supplies as those two quilt boxes aren't the only thing that needs to go out and a few grocery odds and ends. No, I am not going for the "milk, bread and eggs" that you usually hear mentioned when a winter weather situation occurs, LOL. Typical of me, I have changed the menu plans a bit and now am missing an ingredient or two but that happens. I will happily stay home and applique my gift piece after that. Gonna be cute!

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  1. The need for donation quilts always seems to stay away ahead of the production of the donation quilts. However, so wonderful that WTIL can reach out with assistance to such a far away place as S. America.

    Snow again? I think your state slid north when you weren't looking! Stay safe!


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