Feb 6, 2011

today's goals

This is where I left off last night with #7 of 11n11 and the sewing weekend---all the strip sets are done. The pattern is The Craftsman Quilt from the Quiltwoman.com site and like the one I did over the last two days, designed by Anne Wiens. Basically the same fabrics, plus 1 since I didn't have extra of the focus fabric to use.

SO since all my grocery errands are run, menu planned for the week, frozen stuff pulled out to thaw, etc I am ready to put this puppy's borders together and finish up the top.

This is who has greeted me when I have headed back and forth from the kitchen for the last 10 minutes. I do not have a clue what he wants and he won't tell ME. DJ had left to help someone next door so he might be hoping he will come back soon. Who knows??

And look what has just come up in our back yard---yellow crocuses. There is a bunch more but I just focuses on this clump. We also have some purple ones planted but the yellows always arrive first.

Well, the quilt top will not sew itself so I guess I better get to creating! Tomorrow I hope to switch gears and go back to the pieced and appliqued birthday project. But it has been sewing the last few days too.

I'll post the finished top in a bit----------

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  1. I love this picture of Skyler! Isn't he the cutest!

    I love seeing those brave little crocuses--popping their heads up early in the season when it is still cold out. They are a sign of hope and optimism to me. Winter must be on its way out and Spring can't be that far away.


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