Feb 17, 2011

a finish

..........well, actually two finishes but I can't show you one of them till later in the month.

Shown, Christmas log cabin circa 2000 something as I just took the last stitches in the binding a few minutes ago. I quilted it in late December. I had a little more than half of the binding done last month but got back to it today. Learned my lesson on one thing on this project: I had used a sheet on the back which makes for a seamless backing but it was not easy to needle especially where I had the extra thickness of a hanging sleeve at the top. My fingers are a little needle bruised so I think I will switch to quilting one of those pinned tops tomorrow. I am guessing it will be my cat leap frog, last seen HERE in Sept 06 when the top was completed. Antiqued enough, you say?? What to put in that large open square--shape of a cat's head?? I think I can find a model around here somewhere.

NOT shown a FAB birthday challenge piece from the Joined at the Hip Button Up collection. That was my Wednesday project. It is okay to say that much, LOL. I told her to give me a choice between two that she liked and I would make her one of them. Yeah, she knows what but not which one till she opens it.

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  1. A beautiful quilt and a wonderful finish! You can tuck this one away until you want to decorate for the Christmas season next year. You are right on target with the completion of your FAB Birthday project too. Now I need to move that project along this weekend so I am caught up to you on that one.


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