Sep 24, 2006


Not the best picture in the world but the top is done--or "flimsy" as Norma would call it. Quilt Holder is kicked back in his recliner doing what we jokingly call "pre-nap" Actually he is resting his eyes from reading the paper or his library book and waiting for golf, baseball or football to come on this afternoon.

The colored bands are supposed to look kinda interwoven and I guess they do. The pictures does not show near as much contrast of the tone on tone prints. as you would see standing in my sewing room.

Neither of us felt like walking this morning. Debate has been going on whether we both have a cold coming on or just bad sinuses. I feel bad enough to consider going back to bed. So am I sweating because I have a slight temperature or because it just rained steadily for a couple of early morning hours and it is muggy as all get out. Who knows? Result is still the same.

I stayed up a bit too late reading the last chapters of the Landvik book "Welcome to the Great Mysterious" last night and have a couple more books by the same author on my nightstand. I may just scratch doing any sewing today and curl up with a good book. Posted by Picasa


  1. well would you just look at that bright happy quilt JUST FOR YOU!!! Yes, the sashings do look woven, love the effect. You done good girl!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!

    Sure hope you get over this bug/cold/sinus has hung on long enough!

  2. What a fun top! What are your plans for it? Hope you fight off whatever you feel coming on.

  3. I think you made yourself one cheerful quilt! This one if for you, right?

    I love the little system you have set up as a backup when your quilt holder is otherwise occupied!

    Doesn't flimsy sound better than UFO?

    Too bad you don't feel like quilting. Probably better to listen to your body and rest.

  4. The flimsy looks really nice - what a great way to showcase a delightful fabric! So sorry you are feeling so punk. I say curl up with a good book and be really nice to yourself the rest of the day. You deserve it!

  5. You should take care of yourself, as I think something is going around. I just got over a cold myself.
    The bands do look like they are weaving in and out. Good job!

  6. I think the bands look like weaving too! Great use of a fun novelty fabric - just for you! Take it easy - hopefully it will prevent a cold.



  7. I can see the woven effect. Looks like a fun, cheerful quilt.
    Get some rest so your 'whatever' doesn't turn into something yucky.

  8. It's been very muggy here this weekend too and my allergies are acting up. We did get in 5 miles yesterday and 10 miles today but I didn't want to hike!

  9. Hi Linda, I think the top looks great! And the color bars do weave in and least I think they do. My eyes are not the best..LOL

    After 3 days of rain and gloom we did get up to sunshine this a.m. and it was most welcome! You have my sympathy with the rain and humidity. Hope you didn't catch a cold, but sinus is almost as bad. Hope the bed and reading won out!! Hugs, Finn

  10. I cam see the tone on tone perfectly when you enlarge the quilt and the weaving effect!! Looks wonderful and bright! I love the color combinations so much! You did a great job picking exactly the colors to match! We had our horrid rain storms last night and they promise to bring much cooler weather for the next week!

    For some reason I have had to take a sinus pill several nights last week in order to get some rest. Maybe it's our weather finally changing that's done the sinuses in for all of us!

    Great job on the top!


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