Sep 21, 2006

pincushions and other stuff

Keeping me company last night but just barely and NOT liking the camera one bit!

Evelyn asked about pincushions---yes, I have a few of them, LOL. The one I use the most is the tan colored chicken that was given to me by a friend in Florida. It sits on the little tray on my sewing table though there is a teensy tiny one on the tray as well--that for used sewing machine needles, most often.

The other chicken, one of the Belles made-- it stays in the basket that I take with me on sewing days away from home. The pink "tomato" one is filled with rosemary; it smells wonderful plus lubricates my pins and needles. It stays --also in the basket but sadly my Victorian style thumb cushion that went with the set is "shot" and I had to toss it. I loved that thing and it was so handy when I was piecing. I have the "Just Jennifer" pattern to make another one but haven't done so yet. At one time I made a set for a secret pal along with a chatelaine, pressing board/cutting board combo thing and one of those bags with the ziploc bag dividers. All in her favorite colored fabric---it was nice!! Wish I had done something nice like that for ME!!!!

The yellow green glass bowl is more or less for storage purposes for long glass head pins. My great-grandmom used it for the same thing, my grandma told me when she passed it on to me. The magnetic one holds the extra silk pins that I use for piecing. Both of these are normally atop my two wall mounted storage units for buttons, sewing tools etc.

The lovely matching set of pincushion, scissors case and needlecase was made for me by my friend Pam--I believe it was a gift for working on her row robin once upon a time. She can correct me if I am wrong. This travels in the cosmetic bag that holds my applique and hand stitching toys. The cross stitched one was given to me by one of the Belles for Christmas last year--too too pretty to use for sticking!!

I guess this is my "trash" picture for now, Mary. Actually I am in the middle of stitching my Cat Challenge and need these strips to finish the job. So not quite trash but not the neatest looking pile either--the leftovers will be used for the scrappy borders and maybe the binding though I am thinking I might use the predominant background color for that. I got 2/3rd of the top done yesterday before I called it quits. Next post, I should have a finished top to show you but only if I get busy, LOL.

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  1. A very nice selection of pincushions. It fun to have one for various places and situations.

    Of course Kitty isn't happy. The noise from the camera is disturbing a nap. Poor Kitty *s*

  2. You have a lot of pretty pincushions. That "trash" pile is really pretty. I think I would call it a "stash" pile.

  3. Oh, a rosemary filled one. What a good idea!! I may have to make one from lavendar. Yummmmm....

  4. What a great collection Linda..*VBS* And isn't it amazing how a collection just seems to "happen"? First you just the one you need, and then you get a gift from a friend, and then a vintage one..LOL, and then it's a collection.

    You have some great ones there!! And so nice that you use them all in one way or another.
    I have a couple from quilting friends, and I treasure the memory of the times we spent together, long ago. And I have a couple of real vintage ones, but not a personal connection to them..just loved them and bought them. I'll be excited to see your top when you are ready to show us..*VBS* Hugs, Finn

  5. They're pretty scraps - I've got some strips leftover from my Autumn quilt which won't go in the trash either!

  6. I have seen the chicken pincushions referred to as Norwegian chicken pin cushions :-) I have only 2 pincushions and I prefer the magnetic one.

  7. Hi Linda, your pincushion are fantastic!!! I have a passion out of the normal one for them, I love doing them and to collect them. Very beautiful also his wall hanging for Christmas :)))

  8. love your pincushions. I've noticed a number of bloggers showing theirs. It's made me realize that after all the years i have been sewing and quilting i don't even own a pincushion. Perhaps this weekend i'll make one.

  9. How special that you have your great-grandmother's bowl for pins! Sewing/quilting is amazing that it "holds" generations together in some way. Great collection of pin cushions - there is such a huge variety of them out there in Bloggerland! I am wanting to make up some more... I think it was Finn that had one of a girl where the skirt was the cushion? Not sure - will have to check the archives!



  10. You have a nice collection of pincushions and your kitty looks comfie too.

    And your trash - aren't those still scraps? Patiently waiting to be used some more?


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