Sep 19, 2006

Tuesday check in

sunbathing kitty

DJ and I left for the hospital this morning for his same day surgery test in the pouring down rain. We had thunderstorms and about 2 inches of rain in a very short time late Monday afternoon so it appeared that Tuesday would be the same gloomy weather. Now, it is a gorgeous, Chamber of Commerce afternoon and look who is enjoying some stretching. Probably not the best picture with that sun beating in the front door but you get the idea.

Doctor said that everything looked good. Of course, I have had to repeat that information to him several times over, LOL--the hypnotic meds that they give them. He insisted that we head over to Captain D's for lunch upon leaving the hospital---hungry boy after all that Jell-O, broth, Sprite and banana popsicles of yesterday. He found 12 bucks in cash in the parking lot so we had a free lunch on someone, I guess. I filled out an online survey once we got home and got another free lunch coming on our next trip. When you are on a fixed income as we are, every little bit helps.

I had to laugh yesterday after he had eaten his third bowl of Jell-O. He announced that he was officially a "Jell-O Jiggler". You see, his grandson Joshua (now 13) at age 6 or so had punched a kid out for calling him that name. Apparently that was the worst insult the kid could come up with at the time. I do not know what Joshua had done to provoke it. He was disciplined for hitting the other kid, of course. His dad said he was trying hard not to laugh at the goofy name --there were a whole lot worse things someone can, and probably will, call you along the way. Here was PawPaw D living up to that description.

Joshua was also the child that told PawPaw that he would not be his friend if he didn't let him play with some toy while PawPaw was watching him. (Daddy had said not to drag everything out or in this case, up from the basement) PawPaw told him that he didn't have to be his friend, Joshua was his grandson and he loved him but he wasn't getting the toy off the shelf for him. When that story was re-told recently, Joshua apologized for saying that to him years ago. I think he is going to be okay, don't you?

Well, none of that rambling has anything to do with quilting but these blogs are not necesarily all quilting, all the time anyway. Nothing on my slate is completed so I am showing one of my fall quilts. The Maple Leaves are hand quilted and the rest of it cross hatched on the machine in the interest of ever getting to use it, LOL.

DJ just called me into the kitchen to see two kids in our yard jumping off the edge of our hill down through the kudzu patch that kind of serves as a hedge. It is about a 12-15 feet drop down towards the road. We have about an acre lot but it is long and skinny and the hill cut in half to put the road through. Never thought a bunch of kudzu could be a "creative nuisance" SHEESH! I know they do not live on this lane--maybe in the subdivision near us but they have no business in our yard. I am home a lot and I will run them out of here if I see them doing that again.

Okay back to quilting---I did get the binding finished today on Santa Magic while I waited at the hospital. (I'll sew on the charms here at home tomorrow). I got about half of the 30's fans binding done too so that is closer to a finish. Then I can cross off two ancient UFOs and add two finished personal projects to my sidebar. My mom called yesterday and said from looking at her old guild newsletter that I could probably date the fans to June of 93. Santa, who knows but possibly around that. Old, anyway, LOL.

Yesterday was errand day as usual so I didn't get much sewing, piecing or whatever done. All the HSTs for my ostrich are sewn, cut and pressed but not joined. Back to it once this handwork stuff is done. My contribution to the real round robin will have to be addressed fairly soon---Hanne had a great idea for me so I'll work something up on EQ based on that. I will have to get brave , drag out the tape measure and face the music.

Guess that's it for me--leftovers for supper so hooray for a no cooking day!
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  1. glad they thought all was well. And what a bonus, getting binding done while waiting to find that out :-)

  2. great that you got so much hand work done Linda..and DJ is ok ...

  3. Kitty looks comfortable. What I wouldn't give to have an afternoon laying in the sun by the front door.

  4. Glad all went well for DJ and that he was hungry enough to go out for lunch afterward... $12 in a parking lot is a good find, indeed!

    Sounds like you are getting more sewing done than me! And, your fall runner is nice. Everyone is showing runners and I don't have one - got to think about fixing that!



  5. That is one beautiful table runner! I like the idea of mixing the hand and machine quilting!

    I think that it is the weaving of the non-quilting stories into our quilty lives that makes our blogs interesting. This is what makes us human. After all, if we were sitting together in person and quilting away, we wouldn't limit our conversation to just quilting would we? Of course not. We would talk about our lives. I enjoyed the story about your husband's grandson--I agree, I think he will turn our just fine!

  6. Glad to hear all is well with DJ.

    Love your tablerunner. I have enjoyed seeing everyones Autumn quilts, tablerunners, etc. especially as it's my favourite season.

  7. Sounds like a busy but good day and glad that all the tests went good for the hubby!! Kudos on the free lunches, even people not on a fixed income love to get free anything!

    Love the table runner. Should be almost the time to start using it again for the season!! I can't wait to see how the Santa and the Fans turned out!

  8. Good news for your hubby! Reminds of when I took mine in for his 100,000 mile checkup! lol I couldn't quit looking at him all the way to the restaurant afterwards 'cause he looked like he was 3 sheets to the wind! Came out of it by the time we ate, but it was kinda weird.

    Have never seen that pattern in the tablerunner. I love it. Fall if my favorite time of year, too.


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