Sep 23, 2006

Saturday, Saturday........that's all right

Someone in bloggerland was talking about tickets to an Elton John concert the other day--I guess that is still on my mind, LOL. I will apologize for not being able to pull just who posted it out of the deepest recesses of my mind. I am a bit behind on my reading--sorry, gang.

Pippi is shown on her favorite spot lately--DJ's desk chair. She may start off on his desk peering out the window but the chair is ever so much softer. Of course, there is no way that DJ would want to sit on it since it is covered with cat hair. The little unsociable one dived under the bed immediately after I went in to give her some pets and chin scratches. Okay, Missy Miss, just remember who loves you when you want a bit of turkey or something!! No more camera for the day, I promise--easy enough to say when she is hiding, right?

I had hoped to have a top to share with you when I posted again. The top is done as of Thursday evening but its borders are not. Not my fav part and this one is supposed to be made from random strips. The top is made from my cat fabric challenge which my friend Linda S gave to me some time back. She told me that I had to make something for myself--any scraps could go for kids quilts but I was make one for ME for a change. I used 8 inch finished squares and was able to squeeze out 42 squares from the yardage she had given me. The last two squares had to be pieced but I had enough for a 6 x 7 set arranged in an old favorite pattern called "Leap Frog" Pattern source: McCalls' Quilting "Quick Quilts" May 2001. The pattern name refers to the frog fabric the designer used, not anything about the quilt configuration. I showed you before what this looks like but here is the link to the sketch in EQ.

Paula, you were right when you said in comments that mess on my cutting table in the previous post was the stuff that had not been used yet. It WILL be the borders--just hope that I don't have to cut more or that may mean a run to Hancock's.

I didn't get a lick of sewing done yesterday. The weather pattern was a little unstable yesterday and I had a horrid headache most of the day. Barometric pressure out of whack, tornado warnings to the northwest of us, some thunderstorms and rainfall. Thankfully, it is better today--my head and the weather, LOL with another cool front due in.

What I did end up doing is going through my books and listing the ones I could live without on marketplace. I had sold a few in the last two week frame but took a more critical look through my library. As much as I like looking at the primitive or country styled quilts in other's blogs, I know that it is doubtful that I will make one myself so why am I hanging onto 3 old Red Wagon books, for example?? So maybe I'll make a little air fare money and make someone else happy with a used book bargain. Should probably do the same thing with the cookbooks---I've got tons of those too.

I'll find something to occupy myself even it is working on borders or playing with some block ideas for the Belles' meeting on Tuesday. I cannot believe it is 3 p.m. already!
Additional note: Picassa has made some upgrades so you can make web albums from there. If anyone is interested, I just loaded a bunch of the Belles' past donation quilts there to public albums. Not sure if every quilt is uploaded but it is still a bunch to look at or view in slideshow in 5 different albums. Some you have seen, and some note. HERE


  1. You sound a bit like me...I have borders to attach to a quilt this weekend too. Then I should attach the binding to the challenge project. Extending the deadline on that one just gave me more time to procrastinate! *VBG*

  2. Hey girl friend, good going on getting the cat fabric top together. I went back and looked at that set, and I really DO like it! I'm excited to see it all together and really to quilt!!

    I've quilted most of this rainy day away, and watched the RyderCup golf on TV..bad Finn!!
    No more new of Ibby, but hopefully next week, right after our Federal inspection is completed..*VBS* I've very excited to bring her home.
    I saw that Picasa is offering an upgrade but haven't done it yet. Sounds good to me tho. I'll scoot over and check out those albums one of these mornings.
    hope you are having a good weekend! Hugs, Finn

  3. I'm sure once the borders are on you'll feel different about your quilt. It'll really finish it off :-)

  4. Wow - those photo albums sure do have tons of quilts in them! I see that 2003 was definately the year of string quilts!!!

    When I came to Canada I donaated TONS of quilting books to my local library - some they put in their permanant collection and others they sold at their annual booksale/fundraiser. It feels good to have a little free space on my bookshelves to display a few favorite photos...



  5. How nice that you will you are making a quilt of your very own. Sometimes we forget to treat ourselves right. I'll be looking for the photo *s*

  6. A quilt for you is a grand idea. Every quilter should one of her quilts as her own. I'm glad to hear that your trash is going to be used. Those pieces just didn't look ready to hit the trash can yet.

  7. That Pippi! Silly girl, camera shy...Akria is the same way!!

    Airfare, selfish reason for you to get lots of Airfare, just keep adding it up and soon you can chase Akria with a camera!!!

  8. Nice to hear you're doing something for yourself. I think you are a very generous person-seeing how you've helped me big time with my blog.
    Hope none of these storms crossing the country come your way.

  9. when I can't get myself motivated to do anything creative, I go through my book collection too - it is my soft spot more so than my fabric I think, I just love books but often find some that I know I will never read or use


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