Quiet day

Thanks for the positive comments about completing my round robin obligation. To borrow a quote from my pal Pam "it is what it is---done". Saturday is the hand off day and I can only hope that I will not face such an obstacle to completion the next go round. Cross your fingers, okay? The next one belong to my pal Aline who may be looking in so I won't be able to post any pictures of it.

So what have I done today---well, not a lot. Emails mostly, read some blogs but didn't comment much yet and surf around online though I have also done a bit of hand quilting on my Santa.

Thought I would go see what is new on Quilter's Cache and what should I see in the inspiration gallery!? Front and center first one in the grouping was Judy of Ragdoll quilting fame Union Square. I thought "hey! that looks very familiar!" LOL. Oops, should have linked back to Judy's blog--the post was from a few days back so that will give you a chance to see her Halloweenie project if you haven't already.

Not much to say--supper fixing to do soon as my husband will want to get out for some yard work. He said it was going to be either kudzu trimming or raking up the hay like stuff that passes for grass around here. Quiet day and that is the way I like it.


  1. Hey I have to go and have a look! I emailed it to see if maybe she wanted to add it to the Unions Squares block page, but she didn't say she was going to use it when she emailed back!

    I'm off to see my handi-work! How immodest! But that was a hard big quilt, so I'll be proud for a few days!

  2. After all that hard work on the RR you deserve a day of doing "not a lot". That took a lot out of you I'm sure. Crossing fingers AND toes that the next one is MUCH easier!

  3. sometimes its good to take a day off after a large project :-)

  4. have just been catching up with blogs i have missed in the past couple of days. So glad to see the RR quilt is now out of your way. I like what you added to it.

  5. Relax and rejuvinate. These are words we need to remember and live by from time to time. Enjoy.

  6. I love that RR that you pictured in your last post. Very pretty! You did a good job on your round.

  7. Hi Linda,and' correct to sometimes make a break! Beautiful jobs as always :))))


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