Sep 14, 2006

Whole lot of 'nuthin

Pippi pose of the day---atop two of the tops that Finn just sent all pinned up and now, kitty tested. Just before I snapped the pictures she had her tail sticking straight up along the wall--like a dog might do. In this one she just appears to be doing her best to ignore me. Just before that she had been tracking the chatelaine that hangs from a hook on the pegboard as the fan was stirring it. I half expected her to make a leap at it.

Well, so far this is a day where I cannot quite convince myself to get going. I started reading blogs and then found myself on YouTube watching and surfing for some of my favorite songs on music video--gotta love high speed! Did some laundry, made a token stab at picking up in my sewing room but that didn't get too far either. Should have gone to the post office but didn't----------and so it goes.

Hooked up a "new to me" keyboard as mine was sticking badly especially when it came to typing numbers. Too many times lately a good healthy smack had been delivered. Got that set up and then the mouse wouldn't work---crawl back under the desk. Yep, unplugged but which slot did it come out of-------and so it goes. I think I am taking "lazy lessons" from my cat, LOL.

Then someone on a quilt list I belong to asked about making a rag quilt--how much fabric to purchase for a lap quilt size. I've never made one and probably never will but I am sure that the squares can be cut whatever size you want and even other configurations. Quilting. gave directions for a cathedral window styled one. The question was a little vague too--like how many colors do you intend to use, is it the same front and back or all one color on the back.

That led to looking for a fabric calculator online--or how many squares can you cut from one yard of fabric or how many squares you can cut for a 40 inch strip of fabric. I have a copy of this material that I found in a book stuck in a pocket protector/file folder thing---what do you call those anyway?---that hangs above my cutting/pressing table. I use it constantly for calculating yardage or to keep me from overcutting strips for a project as well as checking that I have enough yardage BEFORE I cut up a planned quilt from my stash. On the flip side of this is a printout of what size to cut setting and corner triangles for an on point set. I would be constantly looking up those two things in who knows which book otherwise--so much easier at my fingertips!

Oh I did find two sources that do the calculations for you and

Other instructions on doing it the old fashioned way (the way I learned) can be found on Quilters Cache HERE and HERE

So needless to say nothing going on here in the production department. Aline and I made our trip over to the Birmingham (AL) quilt shop yesterday instead of today. We arrived in Trussville just in time for lunch at the Cracker Barrel (chicken pot pie--yummy!) and then went over to shop nearby---nope, didn't have any of the gold swirly Hoffman I was looking for there. Neither of us bought anything there.

Onto the 2nd shop about 4 miles south---none there either but I did find it in black background with gold. I can see why that sold out as it would be fantastic in a Christmas quilt. I came home with a fusion piece that I know Aline likes as she has been buying it a yard at time each trip over in all the various color ways, another possible in the same tones that might work on the next one I do and a nice blue that goes with the yard bits I buy every time we go to that same quilt shop. Oh, and two packages of Piecemaker size 12 quilting needles. Some of the girls have lent me add their purchases to my punch card on occasion, I think, because I got a $25.00 gift certificate on my next trip over--which book do I want???

Aline found some purple toned batiks and a nice piece of red violet fusion--see, told you, LOL--for a project slated for one of her granddaughters.

I came home to a package I was expecting from Pam. A garlic theme going on--some of her garlic jelly to try out as soon as I get some cream cheese, a quart ziploc full of the large cloved garlic and some Bernstein Cheese and Garlic Italian Dressing that she had recommended for making pasta salad--we don't have it in our markets. I see a grocery store run in my future!! One recipe that comes to mind for the cloves is a Balsamic Roasted Chicken with Garlic and Fresh Herbs that I clipped from our local paper some years back--------oh, that is good!

Also in the package some fabrics leftover from her wonky letters for my scrap bag, maybe the "I-Spy" quilt, Ami Simms style that I have started. But the best part is these two pillow form covers! They no longer fit in Pam's decorating scheme so I get to use them once my 30's sampler is quilted and on my bed. They will be perfect especially since I did not include a Sunbonnet Sue or Suspender Sam as one of my 30 blocks in the sampler.

Think I'll get my little fan quilt out and do a bit of hand quilting as I see what you all are up to in between stitches. Best light is right by the computer, after all-- Posted by Picasa


  1. Thank you for these links. Now I can have some handy dandy cheat sheets, just like you. And if I can remember to use them, I might just be able to make a quilt without overbuying or underbuying fabric!

  2. Thank you for these links. In the past I've always used the book "Taking the Math Out of Quilting" by Bonnie Lehman and Judy Martin. I love this book! And then QNM updated by doing a series in the magazine. But it is always handy to have other sources. I don't always trust the calculations in EQ5. /paula

  3. For a whole lot if nuthin' you sure did get somethun'! Those blocks are cute.

  4. I have that same reference card and use it often. In the beginning it seemed like an impulse buy. Now that I rely less often on a pattern and do my own thing it has become an invaluable tool.

  5. Thanks for the links, I made up my own handy reference card rather than always figuring it out :-)

  6. nice to hear what you did with your day-I wouldn't mind a whole day of not much :-) that will just have to wait it's turn right now.

  7. Hi Linda, it's all sounding very good..especially the shopping, lunch out and a package from a friend!!
    I did read about Pam's garlic production efforts...must be the Garlic Queen of the West..*VBS* Lucky you to get to try some!
    A fairly quiet day here in my corner of Tinsel Town..a little sewing, a little house stuff, and a good nap! Hugs, Finn

    P.S. I keep forgetting to tell you the card and picture for Betsy arrived safe and sound. I'll be seeing her on Sat. probably..*S*

  8. It sounds like you got a wonderful package of goodies in the mail--the two pillow covers should match your quilt perfectly! I never thought of doing hand work next to the computer (as a light source). What a great way to keep in touch with all of us while you work!

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  10. I'm going to try this comment again!

    I bought the Quilter's FabriCalc at a show in February.

    I haven't used it to it's full potential because I've been finishing up quilts not starting new ones but I really like it.

    I'm going to have my Mom buy one so when I'm at her house and working up patterns and yardage for her I'll have one there too.

  11. Just because you did not hit your sewing room in the same way as you always do doesn't mean it was a "whole lotta 'nuthin" are always on the go!!!

    As for the garlic...just spreading the wealth...our 30 gallons is almost gone gone gone...never thought I would be able to say that!!!

  12. Garlic Jelly? That's a new one on me! But it'd be really good on garlic bread for spaghetti dinners I guess. :)

  13. Thanks for the links!!! I always make a lot of confusion in to calculate, this will be indeed me useful :)))

  14. The pillow covers are adorable and will look so good with your quilt :-)

  15. Hi Linda, thanks so much for the links re yardage! Those are a HUGE help for the mathematically-challenged like me!! LOL Your Sunbonnet Sue block is adorable, and I love your fan quilt! Also want to thank you again for taking the time to help me out with Blogger. :)


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