Lazy Day/a question

Today was pass off day for the round robins. Some of these are turning out quite well. My friends in my group keep telling me that mine is wonderful and I will be quite pleased with it. That is reassuring. Even better, the girl who has it now knows exactly how much I dislike the black rounds I have been getting and she passes to the "perpetrator".

So I am sorry to say that I am again looking at a dark fabric again for this round----can you hear the groaning??

A shopping trip is definitely in order since the only oriental appearing fabric I own is also in the offending color---not a good choice. The next round "rule" is 2 inch finished, any technique, your choice. What the heck fits in that small space??

I have a question for the appliquers out there--I am half considering using an appliqued dogtooth or sawtooth border. No, I am not crazy about applique but I am thinking about this as an option. I believe Elly Sienkiewicz has used this technique--similiar to a prairie point in that you use a strip, cut it at intervals, fold it to form a triangle and then applique it to the base. My question then is which of her books might this be in. I own only her Dimensional Applique book and it is not in there. I believe what put this idea in my head is something I was looking at while surfing, who knows where, in the past few days. Naturally, it is not bookmarked. I don't keep stuff in history long so looking back on the computer won't do the job. I might consider hunting down whatever book it is on amazon used books IF I had a clue which one has it. I thank you!

Had lunch out with a couple of my quilting friends and the day is getting away from me. No cooking tonight with last nights casserole available for leftovers. We walked this morning before I had to go for the hand off--what a blessing that we have had cooler and slightly less sticky mornings for exercise. DJ took advantage of the morning shade to cut back some of bushes out front that have gone bonkers and are obscuring the front of the house.

Hope you all are having a good weekend----


  1. I don't have a clue about that techinque and I have 3 of her books but I will look through them again and see if it's there.

    What about a paper peiced sawtooth border..I don't sew thru the paper but use freezer paper instead and it can make really long nice even borders.

    I'll think on it some more and get back to you.

  2. Another thing that would fit in your two inch space is flying geese set end to end. Have fun!

  3. 2" finished isn't very big to do much... I don't have a clue re the appliqued sawtooth, but why not just piece it?

  4. I saw Terri Thompson demonstrate the dogtooth border method you describe. I don't know if she has instructions for the method in any of her books or patterns. Also Bonnie Browning demonstrated the technique on Simply Quilts once. I do believe she has instructions printed in one of her books or it may still be available on the Simply Quilts website.

  5. Sorry i can't help you either with this technique but i hope you find it easier to work on this RR quilt.

  6. Linda, you're making me happy I no longer do round robins. Can't help you with the applique question either.

    Judy L.

  7. Congrats on getting the last round finished! And I hope you don't have as many problems with this one... other than finding the fabric, I mean!

  8. Hi: This is thefrogpryncess but I have blogger beta and it won't let me leave notes here so I made a name for leaving notes on diaries that aren't beta till they get it fixed. Anyhow, I found this book and it has the applique dogtooth border in it:
    I hope this helps.
    I don't care for round or row robins much. I just did one and when I got the rows back I had all different lengths, had to take one row apart and put it back together to make it fit - it was too big, and sewed some of my extra neutral on the ends of another row to make it long enough. One of the ladies totally disregarded my request and only used 2 colors in the whole row even though I specified what I preferred and she was the 4th to get it so she saw what everyone else did. It was quite frustrating and now I have to figure out how to put it together and not have it look weird.

  9. I got two books by Elly Sienkiewicz and the index refers to a dogtooth border in Baltimore Beauties and Beyond vol II. I do not have this book (just vol I and III) so I cannot check out if it is this border you are looking for. But perhaps anyone else have this book.

  10. I hope you have better luck with this round. 2" sure isn't much space to work with!

  11. Linda, I sure hope you have better luck with this round!! I've never done a round-robin---kinda glad now! I've done lots of swaps and even those can be treacherous LOL!

  12. You could do a half square triangle border too - or maybe a half square triangle border set as wing to wing flying geese.

  13. Hi Linda,sorry I can't be of any help either. As soon as you said applique I dropped off the deep end..*VBS* I do agree that 2" finished isn't much space to work with.
    If the appliqued triangles doesn't work out, maybe your could apply yo-yo's in clusters or groups...with a stem? Too whimisical???
    Good luck with it and I truly hope yours is without the offending black! Hugs, Finn

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  15. 2" is sooo small - how about a checkerboard with cornerstones? I bet you are getting excited to get yours back!



  16. Here's one set of instructions on the internet - it involves the use of a special ruler but it might give you the information you need.

    There was also a how to in one of the magazines recently. I'm not at home right now but if you don't find what you need - email me and I can pull the magazine article. I have it ripped out in my binder so it will be easy to find.


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