Sep 28, 2006

Off on another tangent

I know I have so many UFOs because I am always going off another tangent, LOL and I tend to procrastinate doing things I don't want to do, namely that awful round robin today. I started cutting out some bricks out of homespuns and plaids last night for a boy's quilt for the sew in (Norma suggested this) Good idea and a stash buster to boot as well as easy sewing 9 scrappy rectangles in a row and stagger them.

So what led me astray this morning. Well it is all my friend Veronica's fault. Well, not really--we all know who is really to blame. She has the cutest turkey table runner with the turkey's tail feathers made dresden plate style. This morning she is not happy with how she quilted it but hey, feathers were a natural jump since birds were involved. Take a peek and come on back.

Her design scaled down may be the turkey I was envisioning for the little removable quilt I showed you in my archived post HERE. I am not fond of the one that the pattern calls for. See what an anemic looking bird that turkey is? Kinda cute but not what I had in mind. I have gone my own way on several of these--made the rabbit and the house (backwards, BTW--LOL) but did my own foundation pieced flag and added other seasonal things: hearts and shamrocks. I do like the Halloween and the Santa though. Since this is on my UFO list, I think I will start on that ghostie today if I have some fusible on hand. BUT I still have that turkey in mind, LOL. I'll fool around with that idea some more AFTER I cut those bricks.

Can you see what I was patterning my SBS ostrich round robin from a couple posts ago after looking at the pattern insert? I really like this arrangement so why not?

Norma posted the definition of "flimsy" along with her completed Stack and Whack top for those of you who wondered just what that meant. ( top ready to be sandwiched) Some commenters were intrigued with pledging to get one top a month to that point from the unfinished pile. Julie was one that said she had plenty of tops but needed to get them quilted.

So if we were to issue a challenge like that to anyone, I guess YOU would get to define where that challenge should be best applied in 2007. It may vary from month to month. There's no real penalty if you don't get something done-- just the feeling of things hanging over your head and the sense of guilt about not using that fabric as you intended. But is that enough impetus? Bloggerland is good to help spur each other on if only to have another picture to post.

As I said, I have no shortage of items to pick from in either completing a top or getting around to quilting them. I DO get things done for the kids but even some of those are on the list--little bits stuck here and there with just a few blocks made. The New Year is not here yet so mull it over.

A couple of errands to run---Hancock has a 40% coupon on regular priced fabric purchase so I may find something for my cat quilt back and grab some fusible if I need it. Then get to work!! Posted by Picasa


  1. Hi Linda, I love, love, love that little changable quilt!!! And I so like that pattern that Norma sent you the link for. Count me in, I'll play along on making that one...PDQ!! might just get me sewing again...and I just moved the box of plaids!
    And count me in for the "one a month to flimsy" stage..for sure. Beginning now or beinning in January, I want to play...*VBS* Have fun shopping! Hugs, Finn

  2. If you were in Canada, you would do the turkey before the ghost! Thanksgiving comes before Halloween in Canada. *VBS* We tend to let Thanksgiving pass here in Canada without much recognition--not much decorating. We decorate more for Halloween than Thanksgiving. It is a shame as Thanksgiving seems like such a great time for family.

    I love the turkey made from the dresden plate.

    I see Finn wants to play with us on the flimsy thing. Maybe we won't be able to wait until the new year! *LOL* We may be pressured into working on those UFOs now--how terrible!

  3. I think it is a great idea to change the patterns so that it works for you. With a pattern like that, you can make a new quilt for every week if you wanted to. Add a birthday. Did you see Lazy Gal's blog? She was talking about creating a bed and breakfast quilt for a guest room. So how about a block that says welcome to our home, or partytime!

    I like the idea of having monthly goals and challenging myself to meet them. To me that brings progress on my quilts even if I don't actually finish something.

  4. I love the changeable little quilt. I like the idea of a turkey with a dresden tail. You can make one in EQ or on a piece of paper easily. A colourful tail will carry any body and beak, don't you think ? You can also use the tumbler template again, if you prefer pointed feathers.
    You must have been reading my mind today :-) I have just taken inventory of my projects and goals and revised my goals. I think I need one finish for every start and I will start Now :-) In fact I need about 3 finishes before any starts to make room to breath right now! My goal for the next year is to finish at least one project for every start and use more fabrics than I buy. If you make a challenge of any kind I am probably also ready for it, whatever it will be. I have strong competitive genes, whether I compete with myself or with others :-)

  5. Sounds like you have good ideas for changing that turkey -- will be waiting to see his debut *s*

  6. That's a cute homespun quilt. I printed a picture to put in my book for a day I want to do something fast.

  7. I know the feeling of wanting to do both, quilt or piece. I will baste my star quilt today.Finally! I also went to Hancock to get some cushion foam for the bench/chest my hubby made for me. I was so happy to get it at 50% off. I wanted a quilt book but they weren't on sale so I will wait and hope it's still there next time I go.

  8. always a new idea for a fast and easy quilt-Norma's looks great.

  9. Oh those new tangents will get us in trouble all the time. Enjoy the new tangent, Linda. :-)

  10. I'm also in the "no-shortage-of-stuff-that-needs-to-be-worked-on" group! So whatever challenge you all choose will be fine for me. Flimsies, UFOs to layer and qiult, whatever ...
    Jeanne :)


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