Sep 5, 2006

Checking in

I've got so many of you cheering me on to finish up that round robin! The picture in the last post just showed one of the revamped corners and the coping/bridging strip I added. I have made some progress on my own contribution to the project since my last post.

I drew it up the best I could on the computer to get some idea of where I am headed with it. I also needed to figure out how many of the little four inch stars (16) I would need to foundation piece and how many chunks of the batik print to put between the stars approximately what size. Stars and/or log cabins are required as is the 4 inch width. I sure am not trying to add either one of those options completely around the top---especially since I probably deserve hazardous duty pay for what I had to do to get it this far. My color sketch could not properly duplicate the fabrics and looked hideous so I gave up and colored it all white, LOL. Just hope that the REAL fabric looks lots better than that!

I have 12 of the 16 inch pinwheel stars done--two more cut out and ready to go today BUT I had only bought two fat quarters of background fabric. That proved to be two blocks short. I hope to have the whole thing completed by tomorrow evening.

With yesterday being a holiday, today was errand day and our day to walk so that basically shot the morning. My mom called and we had a good chat. A friend had her husband stop by to pick up some fabric she needed for HER round robin obligation. After lunch , some other things needed tending so it was about 1:30 before I could head out to the quilt shop where I had purchased the fabric--35 miles or so one way from here. Eva helped me find it since she had moved the displays around. A couple of 30's half yards followed me home as well--nice yellows that I couldn't resist. Two other stops on the way home and the next thing I know it is almost 4 and soon I will need to start fixing supper. The day has zipped by.

Since I spent practically all day yesterday sewing, I have gotten behind on my blog reading, have done no hand quilting on my Santa for three days. My husband, bless him, did all the laundry and let me off the hook for cooking last night and ordered/picked up the pizza. Over the weekend I did a CD on tape from the library, listened to the NPR programs I like to follow, listened to part of the Cardinal game on Sunday and watched two DVD's ("Calendar Girls" and re-watched "Love Actually" ) and then found that they were running back to back episodes of "The Closer" on TNT so that kept me occupied while I stitched. Tonight, maybe the "House" season premiere though in general I don't like watching hospital stuff (non practicing nurse, after all)

I have given a little thought to what I might work once I am done. A fun pattern came in the mail today, I could get back to machine quilting my 30's sampler, pick something from my September goals list...........some kind of reward. Something fun anyway.

I'll make the rounds on the ring later this evening and see what YOU are up to-----


  1. Hey Linda, I think 12 of 16 stars is fantastic! You'll have this whipped together and off your mind before you know it. And with time to spare!

    Sounds like a very busy day to me...even just the normal errands from yesterday.
    I've been in the garage unpacking boxes of dishes, etc way back to 2002. Finally, a place to unpack them into! Some rug crocheting and an afternoon movie break..and now it IS supper time...catch you later! Hugs, finn

  2. Sounds like you had a great weekend. The quilt diagram looks tough.Maybe colors will bring it out for me.

  3. I think the sketch turned out perfect and it should look wonderful! I think you are a saint for fixing the other mistakes!

    We skipped The Closer marathon and watched the 6th season of CSI all day. I love marathon days don't you!

  4. that round robin is looking good -- I know you can beat it into submission!

  5. The line drawing looks great -- can't wait to see it in fabric. I know it's been a trial, but it seems to be turning the corner for you *s*

  6. You are making great progress on that dreaded round robin--keep going, girl!

  7. Good luck with the round robin - sounds like you deserve a medal for sorting it out - hope the recipient appreciates what you did.

  8. Sounds like you have been very busy. Glad to hear you are finally working your way through the RR quilt.

  9. You are almost there, go girl go!! When Saturday comes you can hand that RR off and move on to the last 2 to finish up this obligation.

  10. Sounds like you have been busy, and making a lot of progress even if you don't feel like you have. I like to watch House - I actually like ER and other hospital shows - more for the people than the medical part.


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