Sep 29, 2006

This and that

Armed with a 40% off anniversary coupon, I ran over to Hancock's and found a piece for backing fabric on my kitty challenge quilt I finished last week. Michael Miller Bling Kitty that is as bright as the front---4 yards of fabric and 1 yard of Wonder Under that I could use my guild 10% and I came out of the store under 20 bucks but just barely.

Then I came home and got started on this little insert for my calendar quilt. I haven't worked out how to do the turkey I mentioned yesterday yet but it is not November yet. Halloween is closer. I ended up hand appliquing it but had a little goof-up. Here the tombstone and pumpkin were flat on the bottom because they were supposed to sit on the horizon on the ground with the ghostie in the foreground. That was not how I basted them down so first thing this morning---un-do, adjust and re-baste, finish the applique. Just finished the binding. If you resize it don't look too close at the stitching--those deep dips things are not easy! Some leftover binding from the Santa Magic wall hanging I just finished recently came in quite handy. I may piece a little 8 inch leaf block this afternoon. Tomorrow I will be starting on that round robin----do not let me make any excuses. Nag me if you have to---------

I got a phone call today from a local lawyer for whom I made 3 commissioned SEC quilts two or three years ago. The link will take you to a picture I posted a few months ago of one of them--all three were identical. At the time we had talked about making a 4th for his son and possibly a tee shirt quilt for him as well. I thought he had decided not to do this after all and I returned the leftover logo fabric to him. He may have contacted another quilter to do the work which was fine with me. SOOO it looks like I will have at least one t-shirt quilt to make for Christmas and possibly another SEC quilt for a client. I meet with him next week to talk things over. I am not going to even try to quilt a queen sized t-shirt one---not when there are long armers around here that will do a good job for him. I'd rather piece any day!!

I told you I would be sharing a couple quilt from the Bama Belles meeting earlier this week. Because these two are similiar in their assembly I chose them. Aline had a nice Christmas sampler that I can sahre in another post.

You will recognize the block that is called by so many names that I finally threw up my hand and called it Whatever. In an post I could think of three different designers that had the same resultant pattern. Looking at the pattern I saw a 4th way of construction and I would be doubtful that variation had not occured to someone else along the line. Some of the girls worked on blocks so I had enough to assemble a quilt with them.

On a couple of occasions Finn has kindly sent us some cut 2.5 inch squares. Theramae used the Caffrey method to make her top, meaning Exquisite (or Signature) blocks alternating with 4-4 patch sections. I bet Finn can spot some old favorites in this one. It will be donated probably to the girls at the Talledega Presbyterian Home because it is backed with a pink print.

She made this one as well but arranged it medallion style using the same Exquisite block but alternating in some cases with four patches. The top is not quite completed however--we were debating about the color to use for a 2 inch finished border. She had a light blue which I thought didn't provide much contrast with the muslin background. I suggested a nice dark green with a gold dusting on top which I had with me. I sent some of home with her to left her decide. Of course, we all were weighing in on which one we liked best, LOL--about half one and half the other, BTW. She will add another row of blocks all the way around the border.
Plans are to hand quilt it and then it will be raffled to raise funds for the American Cancer Society.

By the time I actually hit publish it will be 4:30 and about time to think about fixing supper. What, I haven't quite decided. Jeanne's suggestion of beef pizzola and pesto potatoes sure sounded good and I have the stuff on hand to make it. We have already had our larger meal at lunch with last night's leftovers. I'll decide once I actually get in there.

Till next time-----------

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  1. Those large T-shirt quilts can be tough to quilt - one of the times I'm very glad I have a longarm!

  2. I love your backing purchase! How appropriate. That one will surely make you smile when you see it!

  3. Sounds like a full day -- shopping for fabrics makes it a good one *s* The quilts are very nice. I think I favor the medallion setting, but couldn't say why. Oh heck, I love them both.

  4. Hi Linda, the quilts looks great! Love your ghostie one, and what a neat idea to make a turkey with that Dresden Plate tail..*S*
    As always the belles work is terrific! I am so impressed at all the Thermae can do with those 2.5" squares. I have several more stacks ready to send. Gotta get busy and DO that!! I keep thinking I'll cut more to add to them, and then I forget about it again. Time for a list!
    You did so good on the fabric for the backing, and it is adorable! Gotta have bling! Hugs, Finn

  5. I love the two different quilts you've shown here... makes me want to do another scrappy one too! But now I can't decide which setting I like better... lol

  6. The two scrappy quilts are lovely - just can't resist scrappy.

  7. Your backing is adorable, and the scrappies are inspiring (not that I need any more projects-but I want one like those!!)

  8. love the two scrappy quilts you have shown. Great way to use all those leftover pieces.

  9. Love the quilt pics, and the kitty fabric!

    How do you make your t-shirt quilts? (If you have already posted about this in the past, please just point me to a link or date of post), that is if you don't mind sharing techniques!

    I made a t-shirt quilt/comforter, several years ago for my oldest daughter, but just tied it with yarn. After years of washing etc, it looked pretty pitiful, with the batting all bunched up etc. So I got it back from her and now need to do a do-over! Any hints appreciated.

  10. love that you made another season wall hanging - it will look so cute there!
    you have to get that turkey done so I can see it when I come in November!

  11. I can comiserate with you. Now you know why I got winded and stopped to take a break...I had what? 10 leaves with 4 of those deep dips in each leaf?? Pain in the patooty!

    You did a fabulous job! Love the quilts and the settings!rouwzs

  12. Would just learn that IIWII and be done with it?!?!?! That ghost block did NOT need to be re-done!! He is a cute little guy, and I totally love your monthly calendar blocks.

  13. The ghost is cute :-)
    The scrap quilts are lovely, as always.
    Good luck on the RR - you can do it ! Get it over with !

  14. Wonderful scrap quilts, I just love them!

  15. The cat fabric is really cute. I like the halloween block. It looks like a great way to showcase your seasonal hanging.
    I really like the medallion setting for that block. You can tell it is getting late when I keep saying I like, but I do.


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