done, done and done

Can you see me happy dancing? Did you hear me let out a whoop an hour ago? I am done, done, done with this thing.

Before picture can be found HERE

It is squared up, the biggest problem before I started on it. The borders went together without any problem once I figured out the math. This has been problematic since the beginning since the maker did not follow directions and started with a rectangle. Now 52 x 56 at this point. DJ as usual is not holding it straight --it is NOT crooked or wavy any more.

I used three of the batiks that the maker started with at center and fussy cut one of the rust colored pieces from the batik which has the same green, purple, brown, fuschia, rust and orange-y tones as the center and the applique round. I used the wrong side of the background fabric to tone that one down a bit.

Other than handing it over to the next person with a workable size I hope that I have provided some jump off point for the next round---2 inch finished of your choice of technique follows.

Other than sewing the two remaining blocks and cutting the spacers---I've been up since 6:30. Straightened up the bedroom as I had been more or less dropping anywhere the last four days. Mopped the kitchen floor. Put a turkey breast in the crockpot for our evening meal and just finished feeding my husband his fav meal and cleaning up the kitchen--the Susie Homemaker stuff.

Maybe I'll hand quilt for a bit or go curl up with a good book........... Posted by Picasa


  1. hurrah, Linda!we all knew you could do it!

  2. You are a better woman than I, Gunga Din- I would have torn my hair out and quit a hundred times. Nice job!

  3. Excellent problem solving Linda. I hope someone else is working as hard on your quilt!

  4. your hard work will be very appreciated by all who receive it after you. "Well Done good and faithful servant."

  5. Fantastic job on cleaning up and improving the mess that came to you last month..namely, that RR!!

    I think it looks as good as it can look. Not my cup of tea but tastefully brought to "here" by you. Hope all you hard work is appreciated by the owner...who probably is clueless if she started off "wrong" in the first place.
    You definitely deserve Homemaker time or whatever else triggers your fancy.
    I've been on the run and gone since about 9 this morning. But I'm a good kind of tired. Catch up with you later, Hugs, Finn

  6. Whew! I can see you wiping the sweat off your brow. lol That is certainly an accomplishment, Linda. And, it looks good, too! Good job! If I ever have a problem border, guess I know who to turn to. Go have a piece of chocolate..

  7. Hats off to you - but I'll bet the originator will never realise all the salvage work that took place.

  8. Well done good friend! You made that round robin sing! I can hear you whooping from way up here! I am doing the happy dance here for you too.

  9. I think this came out really great Linda. all that hard work, you sure have risen to each rr challenge-way to go!

  10. Great job - challenges can be exhausting.

  11. Wow, you really made a silk purse out of a sow's ear!!!! Great job.

  12. I'd have to agree with Fin n that it's not really my taste, but I think you did a more than fabulous job getting a tragedy and turning it into a nice workable quilt. I can look at her center and see what she was aiming for and it wasn't polyester black and solid yellow! It could be such an amasing batik quilt and you stupendously helped her along to taming it back towards that goal! I love the colors in the spacer sections and the stars are perfect!

    Now please let the next few people stay away from the black and move towards to light!!

    Happy Snoopy Dance for a job well done Linda!

  13. Yeah for you -- if I could, I'd do a back flip .... we'll just pretend. It looks great.

  14. hooray for finishing such a challenging RR- and for doing it so well!

  15. You are my RR hero - the resquer of a disasterous project. Linda, you are great. I hope the owner appreciates your hard work !

  16. Well done on your big finish, I bet it's such a relief to have it done!


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